Meanwhile, On The Streets


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22 thoughts on “Meanwhile, On The Streets

      1. Katie

        Can we get confirmation of this? Very upsetting to suggest she’s dead and irresponsible journalism without confirming. Many people know this woman to see daily and to work with.

        1. raskolnikov

          No one said the girl in the picture was dead. They’re two separate tweets. Irresponsible journalism my hole, reckless reading more like.

          1. Katie

            A person I know who works with the young woman in question saw this and was very upset by it as they assumed she was dead, so yeah, maybe back off? The post makes it seem like they were talking about her.

  1. Katie

    See this couple everyday. Ireland’s homeless services are struggling really badly. Friends of mine work as shelter managers and on the street addiction councillors – they’re constantly battling to keep their jobs. I know the Simon Community recently had to take their whole fleet off the streets because of lack of funding.

    If you want to be grateful volunteer with soup runs and outreach. Avoid religious groups who take welfare payments off the vulnerable homeless and try force them into worse situations.

    1. scottser

      dublin simon didn’t take their outreach teams off the streets because of a lack of funding. they submitted a tender for the new ‘housing first’ project, which also included the contract for street outreach but this was won by a combined bid by PMVT and focus ireland. a shame really, as street outreach was at the core of simon’s service provision for the past 30-odd years.

      1. Katie

        A friend of mine who works on the streets told me that there are volunteer religious groups who approach the homeless and preach to them – they offer them rehabilitation through religion and apparently this involves signing over some of their social welfare payments to them. I’ve heard they are quite controlling and end up leaving people worse off if they don’t attend sermons and that. its worrying. If you were to support a homeless outreach group I’d ensure it was secular first, for safety.

        1. Mick Flavin

          Just be careful you’re not lumping all religious-affiliated groups helping homeless people into the same bracket Katie. Merchant’s Quay and the Capuchin Day Centre (and probably others) do great work and there’s no evangelising element at all.

          1. Katie

            I was never told specific names but told by a very trust worthy source to to trust religious charity groups. Anything affiliated with the Catholic church receives a no no from me, anyhow. There’s always a hidden agenda, always.

          2. Simplelife

            Cedar House is funded by the catholic church to name just one, and they provide a fantastic service for alot of homeless people in Dublin.

          3. Mick Flavin

            I’m as big a filthy cynical heathen as the next person, but I can vouch for there being no hidden agenda or even a hint of proselytising in Brother Kevin’s (Capuchin Day Centre) at least, Katie. They don’t do a street outreach programme that I know of though.
            Everyone is fed and given medical treatment down there, no questions asked. None of their budget is spent on advertising or chuggers either.

          4. scottser

            Most homeless services are run by diocesan or religious charities, crosscare, depaul trust and mcverry trust are just afew.

        2. scottser

          victory outreach? a couple of their directors were done for using charity cash for paying their own mortgages last year, if memory serves. prime time also covered their ‘rehabilitation’ programme back in december last.

  2. Katie

    I agree, I think more street outreach is badly needed. The suicide rate for the homeless is very distressing.

    1. scottser

      the overdose rate is even worse.but whatever, if you’re sleeping rough any medical condition you have is exacerbated and prolonged rough sleeping shortens life expectancy by up to 30 years.

    2. Zarathustra

      Katie, genuine question; don’t you need an address to get any social welfare payments/allowances?

      1. scottser

        Homeless persons unit 212 pearse st, oisin house for single men, women and families is castle st. For those who have no address to sign from.

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