Staying In Tonight?




On tonight’s episode of The Stream:

Dr. Simon Mills
Barrister and former medical doctor

Sarah McCarthy
Spokesperson, Galway Pro-Choice

Dr Seán Ó Domhnaill
Director, The Life Institute and psychiatrist

Seána Stafford
Spokesperson, Pro-Life Campaign

Kevin Doran
Bishop of Elfin

Tonight 8:30pm on Al Jazeera.

Expect more dodgy red herrings than feeding time at SeaWorld.

Watch it live here.

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21 thoughts on “Staying In Tonight?

  1. missred

    I would rather poke pins in my eyes than let them slowly burst while having to listen to “Seanie” Ó Domhnaill demean women before them

    1. ESV

      He’s the priest who was on the board of the Mater and tried to block them from following the legislation when it was passed last year. He became Bishop of Elphin subsequently. That’s what.

  2. Starina

    wait…three anti-choicers, one pro-choicer and one doc who is presumably neutral? that’s not balanced.

  3. TheMorgue

    Has the (not mediacal) Dr Sean O’Domhnaill removed his twitter account – it used be good for a laugh but can’t find it now – was eagerly anticipating his comments on recent events

    1. well

      He’s still there @drseanie he doesn’t say much on it though because its not easy to control the debate on twitter.

    1. Blah

      Brilliant, insightful change there, Chris.

      Can we go around labeling pro-choice people as “anti-life” as well? Fair?

  4. Jay

    I suspect this will be a good way for AJ to create more material to highlight what a ridiculous laughing stock we are. They’ll be able to run plenty downright awful things that will be said on that show again and again.

  5. Mr. T.

    “Expect more dodgy red herrings than feeding time at SeaWorld”

    What the f**k does that mean.

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