‘We’ll Fix The Road’


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…and win the All-Ireland Hurling Final.

Galway County Cllr Michael Fahy, an Independent, calls for a ban on foreign workers in relation to the construction of the Gort to Tuam motorway.

From this week’s Connacht Tribune:

The five hundred jobs that are to be created during the construction of the Gort to Tuam motorway should be given to Galway workers . . . and not foreigners.

It has been argued that hurling teams in South Galway are decimated through emigration and there was a need to attract these hurlers back.

But Cllr. Michael Fahy emphasised that he had nothing against people from Poland, Latvia or Lithuania.

“The point I am making is that they should go home and try and get jobs in their own countries.

“We are currently in a crisis situation in County Galway. We haven’t enough jobs for our own people.

It is 26 years since we won an All-Ireland hurling title and the main reason is that some of our best hurlers and workers are living abroad”, Cllr. Michael Fahy added.



Controversial Galway Councillor wants motorway jobs kept for local workers (Connacht Tribune)

Thanks Enda Cunningham


Classic Hits 4FM’s Niall Boylan grills Cllr Fahy this afternoon.

Thanks Mike Hogan

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55 thoughts on “‘We’ll Fix The Road’

    1. Joe Malone

      this make Joe very sad to be from Galway, the man is an utter tool and should be kicked out of office on his fat misappropriating funds arse

    2. WhoAreYa

      I found it amusing even if I do agree with you

      I think it’s called ‘Dog Whistle Politics’ ;)

  1. chris

    Fuppen Johnny Foreigner coming over here, stealing our jobs and our wimmin!
    Hangings too good for them!

  2. TomRed

    Nice to see a progressive, inclusive approach to our country from someone who’s clearly living in the 1950s, couched in the dancing-at-the-crossroads-sure-wouldn’t-it-be-great-to-win-an-all-Ireland-again schtick.

    This numpty is an embarrassment to his fellow councillors and his beloved county, not to mind the rest of us who live in 2014.

  3. Rob

    He might be better off setting up some lunch time hurling training camps at the side of the building site.

    The road could be launched with a puc fada competition.

    Or that golf on a road with a hurl/sliotar game that I can’t remember the name of.

  4. Mark Dennehy

    I’ve heard some fairly dubious excuses for not winning the All-Ireland before, but “the darkies are forcing our hurlers to emigrate” is a new one…

  5. bisted

    …why don’t they teach the Polish, Latvian and Lithuanian lads to play hurling…oh wait…didn’t the Brits do that with cricket and look what happened.

  6. Tucker Done

    He’s a gom but the idea that a minimum percentage of workers for such a project be local people is not bad. Local meaning resident locally

    1. Mark Dennehy

      He’s not suggesting that local residents get the jobs; he’s suggesting that only Irish citizens from Galway get the jobs. Immigrants, migrant workers, anyone from outside Galway, need not apply.

      BTW, the idea that a minimum percentage of workers for such a project be local people *is* bad, specifically it’s illegal. Free movement of labour within the EU, remember?

      1. Spartacus

        The reality is that it happens across Europe, local politicians in France, Spain, and Italy generally have more cop on than to make the discrimination a public spectacle.

      2. Rob

        In that form it might be illegal, but French and German public tenders effectively have it all the time. Not specifically a limit , but rather a “tell us what you are doing for the local community” section of public tender documents.

      3. Mark Dennehy

        I seriously doubt the base level racism he’s playing with can be legal anywhere in the EU. And as to dressing it up… well, a pig’s a pig, no matter how much lipstick the farmer puts on it.

      4. Tucker Done

        I understood what he was suggesting. I suggested something different.

        You might want to think a bit more about your second paragraph, *BTW*.

  7. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    Shur, haven’t we got a great Aussie Rules team, with all the emigration, like.

  8. Drogg

    And people voted for this moron. I wonder how long it would take me to get a visa to get off this rock cause he has just made me want to emigrate.

    1. JC27

      15 years on, ‘I’m just saying that we should have a minimum percentage of locals on the hurling team’

  9. Seamus Ryan

    There’s a wonderful smorgasbord going on here from Michael Fahy, which I’d like to summarise as “I’ve nothing against foreigners but they should just bugger off home because we need a better hurling team”.

    When I see “road scheme should prioritise locals”, I tend to assume it’s something to do with letting local people drive faster because, y’know, they’re more familiar with the roads when they do be driving home after an auld schkinful.

    I’ve noticed a few of the local councillors down here in Limerick calling for priority to be given to local workers when that building site in Castletroy gets turned into a giant Marks & Spencer to save us all. I haven’t quite figured out if they mean in preference to Dublin jackeens who’d be here taking our jobs and our women or dirty foreigners turning us all Muslim and gay and such.

    To be fair to the numpty, it’s hard to say “Are there going to be jobs for people from this area?” without sounding like someone who runs a shop in Royston Vasey. It’s not impossible though: leave out the bit where you’ve apparently got nothing against Poles as long as they go back to Poland where they, presumably, belong in this post-single-market Europe.

    Michael Fahy doesn’t own any milk cows, does he?

  10. gerry

    How would he react to the suggestion that the Irish people abroad who he is talking about should not be given work in the countries they have moved to.

  11. Blah

    How would the country be if Australia and Canada and England took the equivalent approach to Irish workers? We’d have a great set of hurlers, but 25% unemployment.

  12. Kieran NYC

    Is this the road I read about on the IT earlier where at best it’ll probably ever only be a quarter full in ten years?

    Cancel the road. Then you’ll definitely have no foreign people working on it!

  13. Sinabhfuil

    He’s absolutely right.
    When I was living in one of the poorest parts of Dublin, landscaping of the local area and upgrade of the Corporation flats was announced. The local men, in this place with 94% unemployment at the time, were dying for the work.
    Not one stroke of it came their way. Instead it went to a Northern firm, which bused in its labourers, electricians, plumbers and builders every day – except Thursday, dole sign-on day, when the site was dead.
    If there’s work going in a locality, surely it’s only sensible that it should go to people who live there, rather than importing people from outside, given an equal level of skill?

    1. Spartacus

      I think if he was advocating that the jobs be preserved for local *residents*, he’d receive quite a lot of sympathy (provided he was subtle about it, as it would almost certainly be contrary to EU employment law).

      That isn’t is message, though, is it?

    2. andrew

      That’s the way it has to be under EU Procurement laws, it has to be an open, transparent tender process and you can’t pick one firm over another because of where they’re from.

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