Anything Good In The Irish News?



A Catholic man savagely beaten by a loyalist gang wielding hatchets and iron bars last night told how he thought he “was going to die”. Dee Sturgeon (22) described the terrifying moment when up to 10 men burst into the home he shares with his Protestant girlfriend and their 11 week-old daughter in a loyalist area of west Belfast.

“They said ‘you will never be back here again you dirty Fenian bastard.’ Mr Sturgeon said he feared for his life during the brutal assault in Ballygomartin Drive around 9:30pm on Friday. The victim, originally from the Markets area of south Belfast said he was in no doubt that he was targeted because of his religion.

‘I will never feel safe in a Protestant area again’ (Connia Young, Irish News)
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74 thoughts on “Anything Good In The Irish News?

  1. Bluebeard

    Cue BS commentators tying themselves in knots.. I hate Catholics but I guess I can’t be seen to support violence. I could always make a fleg comment..

    1. well

      You do realize there is a difference between disagreeing the views of a small minority of ultra-catholics and beating the the shit out of someone right? i hope that subtle difference isn’t lost on you.

      1. Bluebeard

        Don’t see any of you worried about the millions of Christians persecuted daily. Not cool enough.

        1. Ahjayzis

          Would that be the Christians being slaughtered alongside the Muslims and Yazidis in the middle east? I have concern for all of them.

          Or the kind of persecution where they lsoe their freedom to trample the freedom of others? i can never tell what you freaks mean by that term.

          1. Bluebeard

            Ah, the liberal faux empathy wrapped in an iron fist. As I predicted, none of you can actually empathise with the victim. Cos he’s not one of you. Not like the Palestinians.

          2. pedeyw

            It’s classic whataboutery. He’s realised his original argument has little substance and is pointing out and different terrible thing and asking why we don’t care about it instead. Because it’s apparently impossible to be concerned about two bad things at once.

          3. Ahjayzis

            I hugely sympathise with him, it’s a terrifying thing to have happened to anyone, and in front of his partner. He’ll never feel safe in his own home even if can go back there at all.

            I wish him the best recovery possible and I hope he gets help to get a fresh start in a safer neighbourhood and I hope the troglodytes who did it die roaring.

            It’s not faux empathy – your faux victim complex is pretty apparent here though. Get out more.

            And Iron Fist? Have you hacked into my Amazon wishlist?!

        2. pedeyw

          I’m intrigued now so I’ll engage, specifically what persecuted Christians are you talking about?
          As far as this story goes we have one Catholic Christian being persecuted by (possibly) 10 Protestant Christians. So Christians are largely the persecutors here, though most of the commenters are sympathising with the persecuted Christian.

          1. Bluebeard

            Ah, if only he’d been an immigrant/atheist/(even protestant would do) or some more BS friendly victim. Don’t worry, Im sure you’ll soon find a bike theft victim to really wrap your collective hypocritical arms around.

          2. pedeyw

            I’ll try once more: Specifically what persecuted Christians are you talking about? I know they exist, I’m just trying to figure out why you brought them up and what it has to do with the story of a catholic being beaten up by protestants in the North.

      1. Bluebeard

        As usual you waited until you saw which way the wind was blowing.. Try having your own thoughts next time.

        1. Bluebeard

          Who are they? People who have a different point of view? People who challenge the barbarically cold liberal propaganda on here. You are worse than the muslims who only feed the converted.

  2. Ed

    This has been happening in Loyalist areas for ages. Catholics, non-white people, gays and lesbians, etc., have been given beatings. Not surprising.

      1. Ed

        I didn’t mean it like that. It’s disgusting. But Loyalist and Unionist politicians won’t deal with the issue (mainly because they tacitly support it).

  3. Disasta

    Going for the knees too.

    Problem is society isnt harsh enough to scumbags.
    Its your fault, my fault and everyone elses.

    If crime was unthinkable due to the result of committing a crime then there’d be very little crime.

    1. Alfred E. Neumann

      Crucifixion didn’t stop that mouthy carpenter and his gang. Have you something harsher in mind?

      1. pedeyw

        Also mandatory sentencing leads to lower conviction rates. Juries get rattled by the thought of someone going down for 20 years unless they’re absolutely sure.

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