37 thoughts on “Classic Declamping

  1. wearnicehats

    Why would you do this? They have a picture of your car having been clamped. They know the serial no of the clamp. All that guy will get is a criminal damage charge on top of the parking fine. And he can’t even claim ignorance because this is now plastered all over the interweb for all to see

      1. fFs

        …and nothing will happen anyway. A taxi man told me he has done it 3 times. He was shitting it the first time and nothing happened.

    1. Anne

      I’d do the same if I could, and they can take me to court if they want price of the clamp.
      In terms of criminal damage though, I wonder is the clamp technically not a gift to do with as you please, if it’s left in your possession?

      Don’t see double yellow lines there either or ‘no parking’ signs.

    2. Ciaran

      not really, they can’t prove it was the owner of the car who removed/damaged the clamp from the above photo, so no problems really.

  2. Sheila

    Saw this happen before on Mercer Street Upper , the initial banging frightened the sh!te in me at first as I was walking along. When I realised what he was doing it was all over, so quick. He jumped in to the passenger and his lady friend drove off at high speed.

    Like Sparticus says, I very much doubt the car is registered to the driver.

    The rage he displayed while hammering at the clamp was frightening, a real scary character.

  3. Slightly Bemused

    I know I am not the first to say this, but I never understood the concept of clamping. You don’t want the car to park there, yet you put a device on the car’s wheel to ensure they can’t move.

    1. Bejayziz

      Never understood why they dont just write tickets for offenders, clamping the vehicle seems ridiculous and a waste of time for all involved…just write the person a ticket and send it in the post

  4. Max Power

    the fee is only a “release fee”. So your clamped for parking in the wrong for what ever reason but the fee is only for removing the clamp not parking on double yellow etc.
    What i think I would do is smash the lock, remove the clamp, replace the lock with a new one and leave key too (otherwise you can be done for criminal damage). then if they come knocking for a fee I just claim it was unclamped when i went out to the car – the declamp fairy must have done it. What can they do then? You didnt remove the clamp…..

    1. scottser

      the locks they use look expensive though. maybe leave a wee tiny tri-circle padlock or one from a pound shop?

  5. Liam from Lixnaw

    if its Dublin city council then he will have a problem but if its one of the private operators, here seems to be great debate about whether they are themselves breaking the law and as such they never go after someone who has removed their clamps – they may have your reg number but its not likely they would have access to the national vehicle database to find out who you are anyway.

    1. Ha

      Typical. About the only post I’ve ever seen on this site that they didn’t have some kind of inane comment to make.

  6. Ultach

    Is it possible to buy a wheel clamp? You could keep it in the boot and put it on yourself if you ever need to park in a clamping zone. Would it work? (Disclaimer, I’m no expert etc.)

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