9 thoughts on “We’re Hiring

    1. Mr. T.

      And people who left their home towns to go to college and come back at Christmas all full of themselves with their fancy college Degrees and cords.

  1. Anne

    Ha. Love that clip.
    “There’s a Guard in there somewhere trying to get out”

    “You will have held very senior leadership position(s) in large, multidisciplined organisation(s) and your career history will demonstrate significant management experience including complex stakeholder management. You will have demonstrated inspirational leadership”

    “Multidisciplined” Could that be a muti-tasking BDSM madam?
    “Complex stakeholder management”. Holding a stake upside down from a chandelier?

    Don’t ya just love the corporate gibberish.

    1. Delacaravanio

      Ha ha, well put. It’s funny how all business courses stress the importance of good communication, yet to exceed in HR you have to be a master of gibberish.

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