The Perfect Hang Sanger



Starts with your ham.

But how do YOU make yours?

Aislinn writes:

“Brady Family celebrates the ever-growing success of its finest quality traditional ham, with an engaging and informative short film (above) that goes behind the scenes at the Brady Family home in Timahoe, Co. Kildare, where the family favourite has been produced since 1978. This video tells the story of Real ham, and how the traditional process sets Brady Family ham apart from the rest; through flavour, texture and shape….

“We have a Brady Family Hamper and a €150 Blue Book Voucher to give away to a broadsheet reader who can complete this sentence: ”My perfect ham sandwich would consist of______________________”

Lines MUST close at 2.30pm 3.15pm

(Entrants may include an accompanying beverage)

Brady Family

Brady Family Ham (Facebook)

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44 thoughts on “The Perfect Hang Sanger

  1. Optimus Grime

    My perfect ham sandwich would consist of a long cramped car journey sitting on your cousin’s knee to see a GAA Championship match in mid july, consumed with milky tea in a plastic cup at a picnic table in a layby outside a town you never heard of. The sandwich would be made from batch loaf, lumpy butter, colman’s mustard, uneven slices of block cheese and Brady’s ham and wrapped in 10 meters of tinfoil. Cheese and Onion crisps from a multipack served on the side.

  2. Tom Tucker Bunny

    Two big slices of a wholegrain bread, or granary or something with nubby bits, lightly toasted. Bit of butter on one side, and lots of ham on that. Gubbeen cheese on the other side and heap on some chopped leeks cooked in butter with a teeny bit of salt and a good dash of pepper. Wait a bit for the cheese to soften. Oh yes. To drink, Galway Hooker, Just a glass, mind…its only lunchtime…oh go on then, I’ll have a pint….

  3. Tommy T

    My perfect ham sandwich would consist of a slice of ham, chayse, a splutter of mayonnaise, and a few spring onions, stuffed in between two slices of doughy white bread. It could only be eaten whilst fishing at a brown-coloured lake in Cavan and washed down with a Rock Shandy. Clean hands are optional.

    1. scottser

      ‘splutter of mayonaise’ – love it. i always thought a splutter was the collective noun for politicians.

  4. Robyn

    My perfect ham sandwich would consist of two slices of the freshest, softest Brennan’s bread (slightly deformed due to squeezing looking for a soft loaf) lightly toasted to give it a little colour and crunch, but not too much. After adding butter and mayonnaise to both slices you can start assembly, including a thick slice of honey roast ham to both sides, along with slices of cheddar (red, not mild not extra mature, but mature – the ham is the star of the show) sliced vine ripened tomatoes, some of those fancy spiky lettuces, and beet root strips, with just a touch of honey mustard dressing through the salad. Put together, served with a side of sour cream and chive crisps, and a cup of your finest tea, brewed to within an inch of its life, sweetened with siucra and tempered slightly with some whole milk. Instagram your work and eat before it all goes soggy.

  5. Gian

    My perfect ham sandwich would consist of perfectly sliced and fresh slices of ham with lettuce, mature cheddar, tomatoes and butter between two brown crunchy slices of bread.

    Just typing that makes my mouth water!

  6. Drogg

    ”My perfect ham sandwich would consist of Brady,s ham with the crumbled edges on brennan’s white slices pan buttered with kerrygold cause I like to live dangerously then layered with vintage dubliner cheese for that creamy salty perfection and finally coated in a thick stroke of colemans mustard before being sealed with another slice of brennans.”

  7. Gordeaux

    My perfect ham sandwich would consist of freshly baked bread (made from the bakery I build on the back of several consecutive lottery wins), real butter (made from the butter churner I build on the back of several consecutive lottery wins) and two slices of Brady’s ham (bought at the same time as latest of the lotto tickets, staying fresh in the fridge for a couple of days).

    Upon sitting on my new stunning spaceship captain seat-styled couch (bought with lotto winnings), I would eat my sandwich to the tune of The Sunday Game on repeat. As I do most Wednesdays.

    From there, it’s all downhill…

  8. Llareggub

    My perfect hang sanger would consist of a sunny day at the seaside with the chisellers along with a big old crusty baguette stuffed to the gills with that nice torn smoked Brady ham and some vine tomatoes – ripe soggy ones that leak juice into the bread, eaten with that sea-appetite you get after a good swim. That’d be washed down with a freezing cold glass of white wine for me – fizzy water for everyone else.

  9. Lyn

    My perfect ham sandwich would consist of batch loaf, Kerrygold butter and ham (the ham would preferably big thick slices of leftover Sunday ham that my Mammy made, but failing that, definitely Brady Family ham). That’s it though. None of your fancy stuff.

  10. Parp

    My perfect ham sandwich would consist of rice cakes, avacado, tomato, mackerel, and Coleman’s English mustard.

  11. Spud

    My perfect ham sandwich would consist of a simple ham and cheese sambo.
    It’s where and with whom it’s enjoyed with that’s the key… hopefully with my new wife having a lovely picnic, parked in some lovely part of this scenic isle, enjoying our sambos and a flask of tae as we drive to some fab hotel to spend our blue book voucher!

  12. Niamh

    My perfect ham sandwich would consist of a thick slice (well, a wedge really) of white loaf, preferably with flour on top of the crust, with nice salty real Irish butter and a thick slice of Irish ham just sitting on top. That’s it. An open ham sandwich with nothing else so all attention is focussed on that delicious meat. That, with a cup of Lyon’s tea, is heaven for a Saturday lunch.

  13. Italia'90

    My perfect ham sandwich was warm ham on rye with a generous dollop of mayo,shredded iceberg lettuce and chopped onion. Prepared and consumed in Katz’s deli on Houston St almost 20 years ago. I can still remember unwrapping the sambo on the red little tray as I sat down with my snapple. Good times.

  14. postmanpat

    (read out slowly in a sexy voice to saxophone music) “Reconstituted pork meat made from multiple separate animal soaked in salty water, sugar water and pink coloring to disguise the dead grey colour, squeezed into a round shape and finally covered in breadcrumbs to justify the price tag ” “minimal nutrition” ” high in fat, sugar and dangerously high in sodium” “just as unhealthy as the cheaper stuff ” “go on ” “ummmmmm”

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