Born Here Bred Here



Asylum-seekers, including children, protest outside the Ashbourne House Hotel direct provision centre this morning

Barry Roche, of the Irish Times, reports:

Asylum-seekers at a second Cork reception centre have begun a protest at the direct provision system – the fifth such centre nationally to see protests in the space of the past week.

Up to 90 residents of the Ashbourne House Hotel in Glounthaune in east Cork began a protest this morning, highlighting the delays that they are experiencing.

Asylum-seekers at second Cork centre begin protest (Irish Times)

Pic via Brian O’Connell



Via Evening Echo (Facebook)

33 thoughts on “Born Here Bred Here

    1. Chucky R. Law

      But why are these people still there after 10 years? Is it because the are not genuine refugees but can’t be deported for various technical/legal reasons, or that the processing of them is so bleeding inefficient?

          1. ReproBertie

            Plenty of room here. There has to be an amnesty and quickly. Whatever the reasons this delay is disgraceful.

      1. Bobby

        It’s nearly all due to the process being so slow. But there will also be some who came here with bogus stories and are tying up the system (not actually that many, though)

      2. Clampers Outside!

        They’re here ‘now’ because of an inadequate system. They’re here so long that some kids are finished national school and moving on to secondary…. it’s our own fault, now we must do something about it.

        At this point, they should be given an amnesty…. it’s our own fault, as a country, that they are still in the asylum system. They are now the countries responsibility and keeping them there longer is not the solution. We can’t send them away. We just can’t.
        Amnesty is definitely a solution worth considering and considering quickly… as in within a couple of months…. not another year down the line, but now.

    2. realPolithicks

      That’s a tremendous idea Clampers. Amnesty for people currently in the system and the development of a new more humane way of treating new amnesty seekers.

      1. scottser

        no, denis o’brien is paying for it. once the government are shamed into releasing a few bob, he’ll be in with a tender before you can say ‘brown envelope’.

  1. pixel_pimp

    institutionalised foot dragging on a national scale leaving vulnerable and needy people warehoused in gulags – gives a whole new meaning to “ireland of the welcomes”

    1. realPolithicks

      “institutionalised foot dragging on a national scale”

      That’s a great description for how government operates in Ireland.

  2. to Mr. T

    You idot, you are just heavy for this earth. Irish Goverment receives over 2 billion from UN to look after Asylum seekers but the truth is they use them and the little change they use on Asylum Seekers. They get 19 euro / week. So with that 19 euro they can affort not only 1 cardboard and 1 pen but a box of cardboard and a box pen. Don’t worry its not your tax pay money . You just keep on drinking.

  3. Sinabhfuil

    Twenty years from now we’ll all be watching documentaries about this and going “DisGRACEful – if only I’d known.”

    1. Janet

      so what ! citizens of the earth ffs… what about all the Irish who had to start again .. I for one would not like to be deported back to Ireland

  4. John E. Bravo

    There’s your 4:1 vote in favour of limiting citizenships rights based on ethnicity right there, 2006.

    1. realPolithicks

      So what should happen to them? They were born in Ireland but are not citizens of Ireland, where do they belong?

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