Realex Don’t Do It



Are we hot?

Touches Karl, Chompsky, Niall, Lars and others.

*mild sizzle*

Damien Mulley writes:

“A team of over 80 judges have, over the past month, judged and rejudged over 550 Irish websites to come up with a lists of finalists across 33 categories. Media organisations including The Irish Times, The Irish Independent,The Star, Irish Mirror, Irish Examiner, Q102, 98FM, Spin 1038, Spin South West and Broadsheet have all reached the Final of the Realex Fire Web Awards, now in their 7th year.

….The Realex Fire Web Awards are the only website awards event inIreland where nominations are free, the general public judge the sites, sponsors can’t win and where entry on the night is a fraction of the cost of more formal events. These factors combine to make it a very diverse event  and why the volume of nominations and attendees is so high.”


The awards are on October 22 in the Ballsbridge Hotel presented by 2FM’s Rick O’Shea. We’ve been invited.

The Realex Fire Web Awards Finalists HERE

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40 thoughts on “Realex Don’t Do It

  1. epson aculaser c100

    just to be mentioned in the same breath as spin 103 would have me giddy goats for days

      1. epson aculaser c100

        it was just missing out on that golden spider award circa 2003 that twisted & embittered me

  2. Mani

    Best of luck lads, d’you reckon they’ll take into consideration all the deleted posts, like todays’ wonderfully ill-judged ‘Look at dese kids’ post from Barry Keating?

    1. James Egan 301

      I’d say the lovely tang of sourness off your comments’ll win it for them, Mani. Keep going with those saucers of day-old milk, girl.

      1. Mani

        Your praise is all I need to keep me going, ‘James’. I don’t do this for awards, I do it for people like you. Beautiful souls in battered shells.

        1. James Egan 301


          Sorry to destroy your fantasy of a dialogue with someone I don’t know, but that really is my name.

          However I can understand how you wouldn’t want to use yours.

          1. B Bop

            Mani is the perennial Snortastic Sarcasmo in residence here.
            (Ear flicks “James” & sends hug to Mani)

          2. James Egan 301

            Yes but all sarcasmos get boring eventually, I used to enjoy Mani’s comments at first but now it’s just same old same old, your hugs are softening her up too much, it’s always the same, good snark gets popular and that’s the end of them.

          3. James Egan 301

            Yes, fascinating, isn’t it, so much for having a licence to print anything on the internet these days, well done on spotting that.

  3. The Lady Vanishes

    For those who just aren’t up to the task of running a rolling news website, sticking in the occasional not very funny snide comment every quarter hour or so is the next best thing….

    Ain’t life grand?

      1. The Lady Vanishes

        The great site you run of course Mani, the one everyone reads. What else would I be referring to? Everyone’s talking about it, such an achievement, well done you -)

        1. Mani

          My apologies. I didn’t realise I was engaging with someone of diminished capacity. I will withdraw now and wish you the best with whatever it is that you do beside eat wallpaper paste.

          1. The Lady Vanishes

            Mani, I’m disappointed. That’s not up to your usual standard of witty snideness at all. Hit a nerve, did I?

  4. Gers

    Broadsheet is just a news aggregate what are they even doing on a contest? Best copy/paste? Or is it for the few contest from sponsors?

    1. Rotide

      Jealousy from all the other people who run aggregators with a left wing spin that somehow end up in the news/media section and also comment on broadsheet?

      Yeah, obvious.

  5. Salmon of Nollaig

    Jealousy doesn’t have to be that specific surely? Just the idea of someone else getting something does it for me most of the time when I’m feeling bitter and twisted. You too possibly?

  6. Ahjayzis

    I’d also add my two cents to this debaysh;

    While I visit this website daily, several times an hour, in fact, I find it of poor quality and not something I’d be interested in at all, at all now, to be sure, like.

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