cora sherlock

This year’s list has more scientists and more women working in the arts. And with more than a fifth of participants under the age of 25, these are not only women to take notice of now, but ones to watch in the future, too.

Any Irish?

Just Pro Life activist and property solicitor Cora Sherlock (arrowed).

Fair play though in…WHAT!?



Who Are The 100 Women 2014 (BBC)

Thanks Fluffy Biscuits

26 thoughts on “Inspiring

      1. rotide

        Haven’t they always been disabled?

        It’s annoying sometimes, there’s potential for comedy in them

  1. Drogg

    Someone in the BBC obviously is a big lover of Jesus and all his stopping women having equal and far healthcare.

    1. weewaaa

      It would seem that the BBC, in a shockingly audacious move has seen fit to acknowledge that woman may, just maybe, have a range of different viewpoints on issues.

      I, for one, am utterly shocked. I mean, how dare women hold views that have not received the all-clear from Broadsheet. Shocked!

  2. Joe Malone

    Scummy sort of “journalism” on this site. Play the ball not the girl, ye shower of fascists.
    Oh wait, people only come on here for the comics etc and don’t take the crusty hipsters childish attempts at political commentary seriously. Wow, imagine, the idiots who posted that crap actually take themselves seriously – ha!

    1. John Cassidy

      That’s not really a fair comment. She’s hardly that inspirational to make that list. Panti would probably have been a better choice considering how inspirational she was in 2014.
      Why can’t you people (right wing Christians – an oxymoron if there ever was one) just live and let live?
      Nobody is forcing you to be gay or have an abortion.

      1. brown dogg

        djeese John, the tone of your words tells me you may havva an issue with right wing Christians, heck! and i thought commentators on broadshett were liberal an’ tolerant an’ live and let live an’awl, but there yah go. itz true, no one is forcing me to be gay or havvanabortion but what is being forced on me is gaydom and . . . and . . . and believe me, eyem so tired of gaydom, itz so . . ? 2014, we gotta move onto Spring / Summer 2015, where the REAL choice issues are, such as paedophilia, and bestiality, believe me bestiality will be the number one issue next February, in fact am gonna start with the posters now, and organise the marches with the help (i hope) of broadshett, and the unions . . . and . . . and . . . and . . .

    1. Sysiphus

      Come on, this is BroadSheet…. you don’t really expect the journalistic acumen to be up with standard bearers like The
      In that austere publication I imagine the Headline would be “!00 Women of “014 Hailed”

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