Martin O’Malley playing ‘celtic rock’ in 1999

In a lengthy profile the Times reporter Jason Horowitz says the 51-year old with Mayo and Galway roots “positions himself as the party’s fresh alternative to the 67-year-old Mrs. Clinton.”
The article follows O’Malley as he plays a gig with his Celtic rock band O’Malley’s March, sips Guinness, campaigns in South Carolina and gives every indication that he will challenge the frontrunner.


O’Malley to jump into presidential race against Hillary Clinton (irish Central)

Martin O’Malley, a Hillary Clinton Loyalist, Is Now a Potential 2016 Alternative (Jason Horowitz, New York Times) 

Pic: Baltimore Sun

7 thoughts on “Sham Rocks

  1. isintheair

    I like the comment section under some articles:
    As a Marylander, I can vouch that this guy is nothing but a grinning skull of ego and ambition, wrapped in a cloak of populism and “concern for the powerless”. He’s full of it and only out for himself first, and the Democrat party second. He’s the epitome of the tax and spend lib, and raised countless taxes and fees on us, not to mention a 20% rise in our sales tax. Illegals are the “new Americans” in his phrase book. Businesses and retirees are leaving Maryland, fed up with a government imposed on every aspect of our lives. Beware of this demagogue, he’s not good for America.
    LoL @ a grinning skull of ego and ambition, wrapped in a cloak of populism and “concern for the powerless”.

  2. ahyeah

    Nice to know that, despite everything we have to put up with here, there are politicians elsewhere just as embarrassing and clueless as our lot.

    1. Sham Bob

      Celtic Rock is embarassing but the comparison with our politicians is a bit unfair.

      If he is a Clinton loyalist, maybe he’s running so it won’t look like a walkover for Hilary.

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