What Is This? A Tote Bag For Ants?



Or an excellent Irish-made stocking filler?

You must decide.

Raphaële Beyssac writes:

I’m an Ireland based business though I’m not Irish myself…I’m a French Dubliner.These (above) are little lavender sachets that are just the right size for a stocking filler. They come in four colours (pink, blue, green and orange) and are filled with 100% lavender.
My business is called La Creature And You. I have been designing and making home decor products for the past three years. I print fabric and turn it into pillows, bags, tea towels , etc. I also do a lot of personalisation, I can write names and whatever texts on my products. I sell online and deliver abroad. My shop is here….Thank you.

La Creature And You

Irish-Made Stocking Fillers to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘Irish Made Stocking Fillers. No fee, that’s not our ‘bag’.

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