27 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At Dublin Airport

  1. Samuel

    White earphone buds (2nd from the left), don’t want to begrudge them, but how ‘homeless’ actually are they? Guy beside him has red cable ones (Beats?) – these seem like trappings of material possession, not needing to have a roof over their head. Like I said, I’m genuinely sorry for the homeless people, don’t wish to begrudge them, but …

      1. Samuel

        Okay d!ckhead, one by one:

        I originally said (if you remember that far back) the money wasted on the Homeless World Cup would be better spent on giving them actual real world skills, ones that they can put on a CV, to actually land a job, rather than having something to talk about for a week after – how many interviewers care if they went to Chilie or not. Maybe dumb ases like yourself would, but people in the real world would not. Jobs create more self esteem than a holiday.

        Take a walk down a street tonight, look at the homeless, could the number with flash phones/MP3 players. REAL HOMELESS PEOPLE PRIORITISE FOOD AND SHELTER OVER FLASHY HEADPHONES. But maybe d!ckheads like yourself would not understand this

        I never actually started insulting anyone until you started – this shows how good a job your ‘mother’ did in bringing you up. I questioned the waste of money to send them away instead of into a class, and I questioned the legitimacy of their status buying material possession, especially when poeple with houses skip meals due to lack of money.

        You clearly don’t live in this real world, but probably are an over paid civil servant.

        Grow up Willy-iam, your ‘ma’ would be proud.

        1. Clampers Outside!

          You’re a total gobsh*te. Mixing with others on a tournament means working together and all that that brings such as confidence, social skills, awareness of ones own body and so many other things that are lost through the despair of homelessness.

          Sitting them down and teaching them a bit of word and how to use email, prep a CV or what ever will not teach those skills.

          Btw, I have white headphones that look fancy, cost me a tenner, I have a purple pair as well, that cost less. These guys could just as easily have the same kind of cheap headphones.

          I’ve volunteered for the homeless count ion mid-November, I’ll happily report back the number of headphone wearing homeless for you if you wish you myopic muppet.

          1. Kevin Keegan

            Those earphones sound horrible!.What made you buy them.They are obviously crap and more than likely made by kids in Asia.

    1. brianharvey4life

      I agree how can they be homeless yet afford flashy football kits?
      its political correctness gone bloody mad

    1. Raskolnikov

      They’re returning from the competition! Or do you mean good luck…finding a place to live now they’re back?

  2. Frilly Keane, Anyone?

    Poor Samuelle

    ‘tax return season lads
    It can bring out the rotten miserable √ľnt in anyone
    Even me

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