41 thoughts on “Can It Get Much Lower?

    1. Clampers Outside!

      Letting the days go by, let the rent hold me down
      Letting the days go by, whirring fridge’s on the ground
      Into the loo again, after the money’s gone
      Once in a lifetime, microwave TV has no sound.

      Letting the days go-oh-oh-oh byyyyyyyyyy

  1. Custo

    I once rented an apartment in Innsbruck where the shower was in the kitchen.

    The jax was down the hall and was shared with about 12 other people.

    It was only about €150 a month though, and the building was about 600 years old.

  2. the good helen

    good lord, that really is taking the Mick, is this even legally aloud?

    i charge 150 more for a 2 bed apt, large and spacious, right next to dart and bus, with own parking and fully furnished. the fact this person can charge that for what it is is shocking. It has to be illegal health and safety wise even – fire? dunno?

    1. Mr. T.

      Sit down there Helen. Here’s your water and valium. There’s the remote for the telly. There’s food in the fridge and some nice wine in the press.

      There there now.

    1. ex pat

      You appear to be correct; it does from the last photo look like a very compact studio versus being a 1 bed. Great location but you would not want to spend much time in it. I’ve paid less in better parts of London on per sq foot basis.

    1. scottser

      you’d be really crying if ya couldn’t fit in i’d say even going for the roll would likely cause a hernia..

      1. deliverancecountry

        #14 did it for me, the oven, microwave, fridge stack with the electric heater beside it. It’s like you’re actually in the back of a lorry on the way to a real flat.

  3. Mr. T.

    There’ll be an ITEC certified Shanghai school of massage therapy professional in there tomorrow to help relieve your stress and built up tension.

  4. Zenon

    The flowerpot on the toilet adds a nice touch (to tenant’s back as he uses it). Also, on Daft, 17 pictures of this room and a hallway (most likely shared).

  5. pissedasanewt

    The yellow flowers against the blue window is lovely.. its like.. ‘hope is out there, but not for you’. Using my CSI skills to look at the landlord in the reflection of the microwave oven. He’s a blob monster, which would explain a lot.

    Its says, 1 bed, 1 bath. I don’t see a bath??

    I assume by internet, he means you get free wifi every few minutes when a bus stops outside.

  6. Bingo

    As a man, I would find the lack of space in the jacks a bit uncomfortable. Need a bit of knee room.

  7. Trishadem

    Looks like the same kip my son lived in years ago when he was just starting out in his working life in Dublin It consisted of long narrow corridor with appliances and cooker crammed in one side and barely room for a narrow table with a chair jammed in at each end and a couch next to that with the TV up on the wall. The bedroom was downstairs via a spiral staircase, no natural light, an unspeakable toilet, and a separate shower room. I wouldn’t even describe it as a bathroom . I think he had to share the bed with his mate but I could be making that up! No fire exit or exit of any kind downstairs. A fire trap and a health hazard. Wonder if it’s the same landlord. Rachman is alive and well in Dublin. If you don’t know who he was you can google it.

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