Silver Spring’s Surprise


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Protesters interrupt a meeting between Cork City councillors and Irish Water at Silver Springs Moran Hotel in Cork this morning.

Video via Cork Evening Echo


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That escalated quickly.


Pics: Paul Byrne and TV3 News

Cork’s Red FM

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6 thoughts on “Silver Spring’s Surprise

    1. Disasta

      It will Clampers.

      Im tired of the water crap. But if a private company with shares held by our government is allowed dole out cash from the counties people in bonuses to people who are not really performing and these payments are not cancelled I suppose people have the right to be p1ssed, don’t they?

      If that’s the reason they are annoyed and not actually paying for a resource they got for nearly free and now have to pay for?

      Did we see this kinda uproar over the bank guarantee and continued payment of such? I can’t remember. That costs us more right?

      1. Sham Bob

        There’s a direct linkage between the bank guarantee and these protests. The Irish Water fiasco is the first opportunity people have had to come together and refuse their Troika medicine, by agreeing not to pay en masse. Refusing property charges didn’t work because they took it via revenue, and not everyone is liable for Property Tax.

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