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  1. Chris

    The Sun. Enda says no U-turn.
    Look at Hungary’s response to the proposed broadband tax people, and KEEP ON PROTESTING!

        1. Sam

          He’s 63, and has a gilt edged pension waiting for him. Not running again wouldn’t be a terrible end for his career or his bank balance.

          Noonan likely won’t run again either, he’s in his 70’s and has been getting away with this shite for so long, he won’t care what you think of him.

          The damage they’ll do in the meantime is a poor reflection on the public that repeatedly elects gombeens, and never pushes for recall elections to become part of our democracy.

          1. ABM's Bloodied Underwear

            They’ll slink off into directorships for the pals they helped out while in power as can be seen from that other drunken, fat pr*ck.

  2. jungleman

    If the government is going to refuse to heed these protests surely it is time for a snap election.

    1. Mick Flavin

      It’s reported that over 100,000 marched yesterday, and good on them. However, even if that number was under-reported, and it was 200,000 or something like that, that represents only 10% of the number who voted in the last general election (2.2 million).
      Of course governments should listen to dissent, but I’m not sure if even this size of a protest would be enough to cause the fall of this one (unless Labour pull the plug). Once they have a functioning majority in the Dáil, the coalition can (rightly or wrongly, but that’s the system we operate in) point to the 1.2million who voted for them in 2011.

      1. Lilly

        There are huge numbers of people, myself included, who are strongly opposed to Irish Water but couldn’t attend a march for one reason or another.

      2. jungleman

        It’s not just the protests though. The indo is saying only 2 in 5 will pay. Also, as Lilly says, the number that marched is representative of a much larger number who did not march but agree with the protesters. I think if Labour want to survive their best chance is to pull out now.

        Surely there must be a question mark over whether the whip would even work on the backbenchers when it comes to Irish water or an increase in tax.

        I don’t see why they don’t just postpone the charges for a few years until the economy is stronger and there is a greater tax-take. They’re trying to attain the fiscal compact targets, in two short a period, by cuts and taxes only when they should be focusing on growth. They should lobby for an extension to meet the targets. Instead we have Kenny stupidly threatening a 4% tax hike in lieu of water charges.

        1. offMooof

          The economy isn’t going to recover not if we have to keep making payments to cover speculative, unsecured investments. The sooner everyone realises this the sooner we can dissolve the government.

  3. A Disgrace

    3% of the population is an ‘Open Revolt’ now?

    To put it in context 7 times more people bought ‘A Women’s Heart’

    1. Italia'90

      Can you organize a march in favour of Irish Water next month?
      You can even stage it on 8th of December – National Irish Farmers Christmas Shopping Day, and I’d wager you that you wouldn’t get 150 people to walk from Buswells hotel to the gates of Leinster House and that’s counting the gardaí present too :)

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