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Some Web Summit coverage in today’s irish Independent

DJ writes

“I have been noticing the abnormal amount of coverage the Web Summit is getting  across all Denis O’Brien-owned media platforms. It’s almost like he’s behind the whole event. He isn’t is he? Is HE? No? Is HE? NO? NOOOOOOOO? Is HE? He isn’t?

Bitter begrudging keyboard whatsit or cogent observer of Irish flotsam?

We may never know.

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21 thoughts on “Fingers In Every Web

  1. Dan

    The Irish Independent are a Web Summit media partner. It used to be The Irish Times but it changed this year, not sure if they were out-bid or whatever, don’t really know, but that’s what happened.

    1. Neil

      I don’t think so. He’s the Halliburton of Ireland. He even has a private security force to safeguard the installation of his water meters.

    2. rotide

      It’s tiresome when they publish stuff like this.

      The summit has NOTHING to do with DOB yet they don’t turn down a chance to have a moan.

  2. The Lady Vanishes

    Don’t be so sensitive, Padi.

    Being a buddy of Paddy Cosgrove is nothing to be ashamed of.

    Did Denis get a first class honours degree by the way?

  3. Dubloony

    This is actually a huge event. There’s about 1,000 journos covering it.
    I was surprised that there wasn’t more homegrown coverage of it last year.
    Its a good news story so probably won’t get much beyond the its worth 100 million to Dublin.
    Nothing on the companies, the ideas, the deals and the innovation.


    1. ahjayzis

      Yeah yeah but what I want to know is what Mark Zuckerberg thinks of Ireland sure doesn’t he have any auld Irish blood in his little veineens, so I do.


    2. scottser

      i keep hearing it’s worth 100 million – so show me the books, cos i don’t believe it for a minute.

  4. MintyFresh

    1500 plus a ticket, slave interns and not paying speakers, its easy to see who’s making money, besides the city. Smug git with a 1st class honours in being a good little organiser who will brown nose and schmooze anyone with a dollar who has something better to offer. Has he had an original idea and produced anything tangible?

    1. Too big for my boots

      Go and organise an alternative then.
      So what if it’s a talking shop for all those who were bullied at school, they need to go to conferences and get laid too. It’s not fair that the sales guys get todo it all of the time.
      At the end of the day a whole lot of overpaid nerds come here from abroad and spend lots of money. Who cares if it’s worthwhile or not? Companies pay the entrance fee and hotels and pubs are full for a week.

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