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  1. jeremy kyle

    I’d say at this stage he’d have to be hanged, drawn and quartered to stem the tide of ill sentiment directed at Irish water.

  2. ivan

    I’m not sure that it’s entirely up to him to apologise? He can’t apologise for his own appointment, can he? Did he sign off on the crazy set up costs? Was he responsible for the appointment of no-marks like Frankie Sheehy to the board?

    I’m not really against paying for water. I’m against the money I’ll be asked to pay Irish Water going to reward the complacency that’s created this mess. I think at the very least we’re all entitled to value.

    1. Medium Sized C

      He is the CEO.

      This is getting silly.
      People need to get a grip. The Irish water thing isn’t one Issue.
      Its many.

      If you disagree with John Tierney getting appointed to the job, that is a separate issue.
      If you disagree with being charged for water, that is a separate issue.
      If you are concerned with the possibility of privatisation that is a separate issue.
      If you think that the administrative shambles that has been the commencement of operations at Irish Water that is a separate issue.

      The last one there, is what he is apologising for, I guess.
      He is the CEO and as such is responsible for the utter fupping shambles of Irish Waters work to date.
      The whichisitery of the rates, the indecision over rates, the lies told to the media and the subsequent failure to address it, all of this is his fault and it is at the very least up to him to apologise.

      1. ivan

        He’s not the CEO, he’s the managing director.

        I agree it’s many issues; my point is that his apology only covers a certain percentage of what’s wrong and whether that’s sufficient is enough, or perhaps others should be called to account, including members of the government. Whilst on the one hand you say the ‘indecision on the rates’ is something that occurred on his watch, I think we can agree, can we, that there would have been certain government involvement in this, starting with estimates of €240 per annum.

  3. paul m

    interesting. He apologies to customers. Only those currently signed up to IW are deemed customers and will only be issued a once off apology, after that subsequent apologies from John or Irish Water will cost €188 per customer. Anyone who signs up to IW before the ever changing deadline will receive a video link replaying Johns original apology only, not a new apology. Anyone else not signed up is not deemed a customer, will not receive a John Tierney apology, and will be issued with indirect threats and scaremongering by FG and its relevant media outlets and an infinite loop of the Leo Varadkars soundbite about his dentist and his PPS number.

  4. MUlch

    It’s the governments entire attitude to this tax is the problem. Everything that has been foisted on to us has been accepted, but this time they couldn’t even be bothered to put a decent reason together for this tax. I’m not against paying for water, but only once. I would be much happier if the government would charge everyone a one-off tax of €100 (or less, i’m just speculating) to specifically fix the water network. That would put 450 million into fixing a network where 40% is lost to leaks. Fixing this alone would secure the network and capacity for years to come. I’m sure ill be told 450m isn’t enough, but you see the idea.
    Of course, this tax was never really about water, was it.

  5. TheDude

    How about apologising for the clusterf*s of Poolbeg, Eyre Square & Glass Bottle Site while yer at it?

    1. Disasta

      When I was in Aus mates stayed in a house in Brisbane where there was a large chest of porn vids the landlord has not bothered to remove.

      Few of them were called Clusterf* 2, Clusterf* 5 etc.

    2. Norbet Cooper

      Or apologising for handing over 200,000 DCC customers data over to Isle of Man registered Greyhound waste company in a nontransparent secret deal that left the city streets like a skip.

        1. Norbet Cooper

          If you remember the decision was taken on Dec the 6th 2011 with John Tierney’s presiding vote settling the issue, unaware DCC area householders start getting Greyhound “Demand letters” christmas week 2011 to top up their newly created bin accounts with Greyhound or else fail to get their rubbish collected starting the handover week of Jan 6th 2012. The swiz was all done in a month. This is what must have given Phil Hogan the Irish water horn for John Tierney.

        1. Frilly Keane, Anyone?

          ‘Terrible state of affairs when pensioners need to take up jobs to supplement their meagre pension


  6. martco

    a proper apology would include his + his boards resignation, forfeit of any future renumeration linked + FGLAB disbandment of this stillborn commoditisation idea and maybe some truth about what’s really going on..

    mr tierney will easily get another position at any one of the enterprises run by his MBA classmates anyway so no bother to him

    however I’m not his customer (tho loving the use of normalization language there John nice 1) so really he can say whatever his overpaid ass wants to say

  7. Black & White

    ” Mistakes have been made” = No one is responsible, no one is to blame, no one will be punished. Typical PR bullsheet.

  8. ollie

    Tierney is responsible for the lack of investment in water in dcc and fingal co co areas. also responsible for the mess that is the incinerator project. A walking disaster.

  9. bobsyerauntie

    While Tierney’s track record seems to indicate major incompetence, he is merely the scapegoat for what essentially amounts to a quango created in order to force another austerity-stealth tax upon the Irish populace. It has nothing to do with Water conservation. If it was, then there were plenty of previous governments, the Greens etc, and others, who could have dealt with the leakages when the state was booming economically. I am not against paying for water myself, I think some charge gives people a sense of value on this resource, but I think it should be a very minimal fee, based upon ability to pay, and it should go to the department of the environment or something, not this shower of corporate buffoons. Selling Irish water back to the irish people is like selling Ice to the Eskimo’s. I think most people are enraged because they know that there intelligence is being insulted by this mob who are in league with the government, trying to sell us corporate spin like suddenty treating us as consumers not citizens. It’s all very dubious, and the Irish people deserve better. Big F*ck up from Fine Gael and Labour…

  10. Norbet Cooper

    This is now a runaway train issue for the government, when the backbenchers go home for Christmas, they are going to feel the heat of the natives, see that they will be wiped out in the next election and start resigning to save their skins. The government will still have the majority to the next election and offer arbitrary concessions all the way, but this policy is now fatally flawed, Kenny like king Canute, will not be able to turn back the tide.

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