Meanwhile, In UCD



This evening.

Lorcan Gray writes:

Huge Garda and Mossad presence in UCD [Belfield, Donnybrook, Dublin] for debate [between Israeli and Palestine ambassadors]. Flag, Keffiyehs and leaflets confiscated…

More as we get it.

*backs gingerly out of lecture hall*

Pics: Oisin McCann and Lorcan Gray

67 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In UCD

      1. Tom Stewart

        I caught some of their antics during the last big conflict. They don’t seem like the nicest of folks.

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    1. Mick Flavin

      They suspected that your Ham(as) sandwich contained a little too much saturated (Ara)fat.

      *shakes head, kicks open Writers’ Room door*

      Was that you again, Brian? Ara-fat? Seriously? That was your last chance man, get your things, you’re outta here…

    2. phil

      Of course there is high security, did you not see how many Palestinians died last year! there is someone out to get them…

  2. Zynks

    Who are the guys in suits doing the body checks? Since when are head garments and flags fair play for confiscation in Ireland? What’s going on? So many questions…

  3. jeff

    I think foreign diplomat protection is down to Gardai – but given it’s an Israeli official, could be some arm of the Israeli security service. Nice people.

  4. linbinius

    I suspect any “reasoned” debate being drowned out by the crowd jeering and whooping….Let him dig his own hole kids.

  5. wearnicehats

    The 2 lads are probably bessie mates. Sitting in the green room orchestrating the best way to stir it up (little darlin) whilst still retaining their cushy ambassadorial lives outside of their own countries.

  6. Sancho

    Arts block still looks its beautiful self. Good to see it hasn’t changed at all (in the last 14 years at least). God, I remember that bridge/tunnel between Arts and the Library being freezing in the winter as you made your way to the library (though, of course, still warmer than outside).

    As for the debate- sounds like a great idea and fair play to whoever actually managed to organize it. Alas, as someone else pointed out, the chances of any reasoned discussion being drowned out by shouting, jeering and general nonsense is extremely high. Pity.

      1. Sancho

        I’m glad you enjoyed my little trip down memory lane. I hear Librocop retired only a few years ago. A sad day indeed.

        1. Lilly

          I bet he wasn’t a patch on the butch security woman in the arts block in Trinity. She hated all students equally :)

  7. j.k

    Don’t mean to split hairs but Palestine don’t have an ambassador as they don’t have an embassy in Dublin they have a consulate.

    1. Tom Stewart

      No, that was a good contribution. A reader might otherwise have understood that they (and the people they represent) have comparable status. They don’t, either in international recognition of statehood, or resources to fight each other.

      1. Tom Stewart

        In fairness, it’s not bad reasoning that people wearing hijabs at this event are probably Palestinian.

        But on the other hand, Spartacus, your comment was deliciously sarcastic and pedantic.

        shitferbrains: 1
        Spartacus: 1

        1. Spartacus

          True for you, Tom. After all, those brown people with the funny headgear are all the one, aren’t they?

          1. Tom Stewart

            You’re right Spartacus. That is an accurate summary of what has been said. Not an overly sensitive distortion at all :)

          2. Spartacus

            You know something, Tom? You remind me of someone else. It’s uncanny really but I can’t shake off the thought that I know who you are under that alter ego. Do me a favour? Would you recite the following for me?

            “Heh. Heh. Heh. When yer doin’ yer weekly shoppin’, apart from feta cheese how many Greek items dooya put in yer basket?”

          3. Spartacus

            Your views are important, and your feedback is dealt with sensitively in full accordance with appropriate data protection measures.

    1. Sidewinder

      I’ve got a sinking feeling you meant a keffiyeh. I’m grossly underestimating you right? Right?

  8. Speakeasy

    More demonising of Israelis at every available opportunity on this site. It’s getting kind of embarrassing at this stage…

    1. Spartacus

      I don’t see a single comment about Israelis, demonic or otherwise. Apart from one calling the current ambassador a tulip (which was very restrained, in fairness), I see no derogatory comments whatsoever. Care to enlighten us?

      1. rotide

        Spartacus, if you can’t see the tone the OP took as well as most of the comments, you might want to remove the tinted glasses resting on your nose.

    2. Yore Ma

      Ah yeah, those poor put upon Israeli diplomats. It’s not like they are representative of a government guilty of discriminating against 25% of their own citizens (non-jewish citizens are do NOT have equal rights in Israel, Their ability to own land and property is massively hindered, the education system is segregated, local governments are segregated, etc, etc, etc), as well as conducting an illegal military occupation of the Westbank and Gaza (yes Gaza is still occupied, you idiot) as well as a massive illegal blockade of Gaza. And they’re fond of murdering a few thousand civilians every couple of years to add to the thousands of civilains and children heald in military prisions, without civilian trial, indefinitely, contrary to international law.

      Sure they’re a great bunch of lads really those Israeli’s. Why would anyone have an issue with them?

    3. anomanomanom

      Ah surely by now you know we all only come here waiting to spout anti Israeli sentiment. Sure its all just cleverly hidden in every message on this post. Your brain is obviously so far superior to ours your the only one who can see it. And we’re all just blind one eyed scrotums.

  9. Fergus the magic postman

    I had assumed the Israeli Ambassador would have been at the web summit today, giving a talk on how to use Twitter & Facebook effectively & convincingly without making anybody cringe. Maybe that’s tomorrow.

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