The Web Summit, RDS, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 this morning.

Live stream here

Via Brendan Duffy and  Marc Jones



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47 thoughts on “NERRRRDS!

  1. rotide

    People on this site will write 3 paragraphs about the benefits of fixed wheel versus single gear and the relative values of forks, but THESE guys are the nerds.


    Great summit altogether, wish I’d got tickets while they were cheap.

    1. AhHereLeaveItOut

      I would say that makes them geeks. For me, nerds are those species of person whose inability to groom themselves or provide a pop culture reference is due to their preoccupation with all things specifically technology and gaming-related.

      Anyway, enough from me. How are you Paddy?

      1. rotide

        Yes, Because he needs to shill on a website like this for coverage.

        p.s. You may want to look at your grammar in that carefully constructed burn.

        1. well

          “Yes, Because he needs to shill on a website like this for coverage.”

          He doesn’t need to when he as Rotide the paddy cosgrave internet defence force to protect his honor. Be honest, you have hard on for his “success”.

          1. rotide

            As much as BS have a hard on for Harbo’s success i guess.

            I don’t know anything about Cosgrove apart from the fact he founded this thing and people here don’t seem to like him.

            I do like the idea of the web conference though.

          2. well

            “I do like the idea of the web conference though.”

            i like it too , this seems more like bigwigs back patting one another and marketing. not much conferring going on.

        1. AhHereLeaveItOut

          Everything? Detestable? I suck? I was referring to the image of said nerds/geeks as being the kind who are unable to groom, make pop references etc, and yet you get offended like I insulted your mother. Even if I had actually been suggesting that nerds/geeks are actually like that, that’s still a massive overreaction

      1. rotide

        You should start a campaign on twitter where you put masking tape over your mouth representing the stifled debate that i represent.

        1. Buzz

          You don’t represent debate Rotide, stifled or otherwise. You represent ********* (masking tape in place…………)

      2. Medium Sized C

        Whether you are on a mobile or static device, it has never been easier to scroll past a comment.

    2. Bobby

      Like all Broadsheet headlines, it’s a joke; this one being a Simpsons quote. No need to get your knickers in a twist.

      1. rotide

        Of course it’s a joke, I get it. I just found it ironic with the continuining snide tone about the web conference.

      1. rotide

        well, cheap compared to what they went to eventually. I guess it’s mostly corporate tickets, mostly out of my price range :(

  2. Sam

    Unwanted groping 8?
    Is that to her personally in a short space of time? Not casting doubt, but from my ‘sheltered’ life I’ve not seen such a high rate of gropage outside of a pub/niteclub/rave environment, not without violence ensuing towards the groper anyway…

    Are these conferences considered to be a bit of a ‘target rich environment’ for folks with wandering hands?

    1. Mikeyfex

      It was on the pub crawl. Note the time and the number of free drinks.

      No, of course it doesn’t excuse it, I’m just pointing out it didn’t happen this morning at the turnstile.

      1. DoM

        In which case the obvious question is “is this worse than normal”? Where “normal” is obviously totally unacceptable, to be clear, but I think it’s relevant to ask if this is a Web Summit thing, or just the usual “many guys in nightclubs are utter pillocks” situation.

        1. edalicious

          Sorry, you’re absolutely right:

          Nerds. They’re not used to being around members of the opposite or same sex, depending on their orientation, in a social situation involving alcohol.

          Doesn’t quite roll off the tongue though, does it?

  3. Mick Flavin

    *Sniffs the air, kneels down, puts ear to the ground, listens to earth’s vibrations*

    Yup, there’s a whole lot of rage on the way…

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Indeed. You can’t just drop that into a tweet as part of a list of less-significant gripes. Grope’s a big gripe.

  4. markgdub

    I love a Paddy Cosgrove thread.

    Jim Carroll of the Irish Times proved conclusively back in the Rock The Vote days that the I don’t know him but am pro-Paddy posters were posting from the RTV IP ranges.

    The same happens anytime someone calls him names around one of his events.

    Hello Summit trolls, prove me wrong!

        1. rotide

          Paddy makes me sit here and wait for you in particular to reply.

          He has big plans for you Mark, BIG plans.

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