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A very watchable promo for Making Waves: the 2014 ICAD (Institute Of Creative Advertising And Design, Dublin 8) Upstarts Exhibition, which opens this Thursday at the Science Gallery..

Directed by Dave Tynan and starring Dave Cowzer, Anne Gildea, Elaine McDevitt, Meagan Hyland, Karl Davis, Patricia Fox, Amy Heffernan, Sarah Butler, Gaelle Robert , Kate O’Moore.

(H/T: Meg Hyland)

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7 thoughts on “Adoptvertising

  1. ABM

    I wonder would these South Dublin students (many of whom are beneficiaries of Catholic institutions) be brave enough to do a shoot out in Goatstown?

    I’d hazard a guess that many of the students who think they’re avant garde social revolutionaries don’t even even realise Whoopi Goldberg did all this in 1992.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      A qualification is required of that statement ABM….

      “many of whom are beneficiaries of Catholic institutions” because they had no choice, so they shouldn’t feel they owe any religion anything, but should make every effort in their adult life to see that their children are afforded the choice they or their parents didn’t have growing up.

      There, that’s better, carry on…

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