Free Bono With Every Summit



The National Museum, Kildare Street, Dublin  this evening.

The IDA [Industrial Development Authority] Night at The Museum, a Web Summit fringe event.

Emily writes:

Bono told the approving/adoring audience that “This place” (National Museum, which is under threat of closing) is “impressive even by my rockstar megalomaniac standards”. He compared his “small man syndrome” to the one Ireland has in terms of ‘punching above our weight’, etc.,. He sang a bit of Elvis., charmed everyone and called out Enda’s mobile number….

Pics: Emily and Kevin Whitty

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14 thoughts on “Free Bono With Every Summit

  1. Mysterymeat

    Don’t suppose he threw a few bob in the jar on the way out to help fund the museum next year? Oh wait, I’m sure he pays his taxes for that…

    1. ahjayzis

      … that looks like a bunch of hoodied skangers trying to prevent a garda car leaving the station?

      I can’t say I see the link..?

  2. Peter81

    Will someone please photoshop that photo to make it look like Darby O’Gill conversing with Sean Connery

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