Rainbow Coalition



Dale McDermott and Enda Kenny

“Recent polls show that while support for Marriage Equality is at its highest among young people, over one third of people aged between 18 and 25 are not registered to vote. Therefore, they cannot give that all important tick to equality. Today, along with our Taoiseach, we are urging every single young person in the country to check the register.
“As President of Young Fine Gael, a proud member of the LGBT community and as a citizen of this country, I will proudly be working over the coming few weeks to register as many people as Young Fine Gael can on campuses all over Ireland. Simply put, I just want the same opportunity to marry the person I choose to love as everybody else and I hope that young Ireland can help achieve this.”

Telly’s Brian Ormond Dale McDermott, President of Young Fine Gael.


Young Fine Gael and An Taoiseach Urge Young People to Register to Vote (YFG.ie)

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Pic: Fine Gael

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17 thoughts on “Rainbow Coalition

  1. Pale Blue Dot Cotton

    Dale if you want to try and get people to vote, don’t do it standing in front of a huge FINE GAEL branded boards. Students not registered to vote don’t care about party politics. They care about pizza. So get plenty of that.

    1. KnowItAll

      If FG are actively supporting marriage equality then they’re perfectly entitled to win the political points that go with it. No other party has done anything meaningful for gay rights since gayness was decriminalised. SF are winning an awful lot of votes right now that they don’t deserve by pretending to appeal to the youth, when really they appeal to old working class men.

    1. ahjayzis

      That’s a dirty slur and you know it!

      bachelor, Roh’nawn Mullen, suggested calling it “Theft Of The Kiddies From Their Mammies And Daddies -stroke- No More Mammy, Little Timmy -stroke- They’re Coming For Your Kids Next, Paidi Bill 2015.

  2. Kieran NYC

    I’m surprised you’re all not wondering how he could tear himself away from shilling on Broadsheet to pose for a photo.

    1. Italia'90

      What I always wonder about after seeing your comments here is why does a Larry living in New Jersey use NYC as part of his name? You can drop the NYC and nobody here will think any less of you. Enjoy your commute to the big shmoke Larry!

  3. Columbo's Missus

    dear YFG and anyone else who’ll listen, I was taken off the register without notice last year and have been trying for 6 months to get back onto it. stupid incompetent county council.

  4. narkie

    funny that I got this from Mr Varadkar’s office once…

    ‘FG supported the civil partnership bill. We don’t support same-sex marriage as we are a Christian-democratic party and subscribe broadly to the Christian view of marriage. Of course, FG is a big party and a broad church, and we welcome in our ranks people who hold another view.’

    i.e. we don’t support equal marriage, but please feel free to vote for us…

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