They Still Think It’s Only About The Money



Enda Kenny and Joan Burton

Deirdre K writes:

It is fascinating too see All political parties, but especially the government ones, reduce this [Irish Water crisis] down to people’s ability to pay. The Irish Water protests are not just about money….I took part in Saturday’s march in Blessington [Co Wicklow] on a matter of principle [as I can afford a charge] as did many of those walking alongside. That Enda Kenny, Joan Burton and others of their ilk don’t see this is not surprising. It’s called projection. But I have a feeling they have underestimated us for the last time…


 Irish Water fiasco as Government continues to confuse householders about how much they will pay (IrishMirror)

73 thoughts on “They Still Think It’s Only About The Money

  1. ReproBertie

    It is fascinating to see Deirdre K completely miss the point. FF/FG/Labour all want water charges. They are talking about the money in an attempt to redirect the debate. If they can focus the attention on what people have to pay then they will portray it as acceptance by the public of some sort of payment.

    “We’ve already established what you are, now we’re just haggling about the price.”

  2. Rep

    While I understand that people don’t want to pay either because they can’t or on principle, the country is still haemorrhaging money regardless of the super economy news that we keep getting told about. Do we have any ideas on who to bridge the large gap between tax intake and outgoings without either a tax increase or more cuts?

    1. CousinJack

      Stop giving extra benefits to pensioners, the over 55s being the richest cohort of Irish society. No do doubt FG/Lab/FF would rather continue to penalise urban working families and drive them to SF, left and independents. Good chance of no lab TDs from Dublin next GE, Joan is scat.

  3. James Heron

    If we continue down the American model of letting the hyper-rich pay effectively no tax, both corporately and individually, we will end up with civic chaos and unrest.
    The population in the this country is simply too small to pay have the majority-poor to pay for the minority-rich’s lifestyles.
    People see that water charges as being symptomatic of a bigger problem. they feel that government has abandoned the general population in favour of the moneyed few. This is the problem with the global economy, statehood is subservient to unelected unrepresentative corporate pressures.

  4. rotide

    It’s always amusing how people just completely make up numbers when it comes to this issue.

    the amount gained by the exchequer by stopping bonuses is roughly equivalent to the GNP of the planet if you were to listen to the comments here. Ultimate price of water charges? €1000, no doubt about it. Corporation tax? ah yeah, sure .000005% of that would make us all billionaires.

    Regardless of how bad everyone thinks the govt is doing, I’m eternally thankful noone here is minister for finance.

    1. ahjayzis

      In that case, presumably you’d have no objection if we tripled the bonuses and increase Tierney’s salary to a million a year?

      I mean since they’re still tiny proportions of the overall cost. Principal is irrelevant, right?

    2. Frilly Keane, Anyone?

      Well. We’re all to young.

      I say that because I suspect none of us are pensioners in our 70s.

  5. Freia

    Companies come over here to exploit a loophole in tax. They make BILLIONS upon BILLIONS out of it. Why aren’t we charging them much more for the use of our country as a tax-avoiddance scheme?

    1. Soundings

      Because other countries offer tax arrangements which compete with ours, and if we withdrew the incentives, the companies would feck off.

  6. ahjayzis

    I’ve said before I pay extortionate water charges in London, mostly without complaint.

    But I wouldn’t pay this charge if I was at home. I know too much about how the Irish Water sausage was made.

  7. CousinJack

    Irish Water is a farce.

    A little known fact is that there was an internal competition run by the government to award Irish Water to a semi-state, BnM and BG bid, ESB did not to bid even though various minister pressurised them to do so. So arguably the most suitable semi-state to run IW choose not to bid, why?

    Who is responsivle for selecting John Tierney as CEO of Irish Water? The man has a track record in failure, as do the team of Poolbeg Incinerator cronies he appointed. Was no one who actually knew abount water utilities available? Whats his connection to FG or Lab?

    1. Medium Sized C

      Very arguable.
      Why would ESB be more suitable than Bord Gais?
      Because it suits your little rant?

      Dublin City Council is responsible for the biggest water consumption of any region in the country.
      And a great deal of water main upgrade works took place while John Tierney was there.
      So he actually has a lot of experience running an organisation that supplies water.
      Plus there is the rest of the board, many of whom have experience with water and public utilities.

      So, really, arguing John Tierneys lack of experience with water utilities is a fallacy.

      1. Frilly Keane, Anyone?

        How is it a fallacy when that same experience is bloated with incompetence, cronyism, and vested interests that do not serve the public well or decently in any way.

        Benchmark that

      2. CousinJack

        ESB is more arguably more suitable because they run a nationally dispersed utility, that involves production as well as distribution. ESB undertake the majority of maintenance themselves.
        BG do not produce gas, are mainly major urban area focussed, and have a model based on a small core staff and lots of contractors
        IW produce treated water product, are responsible for distribution across the state, and use and internal maintenance model (hence the 4,000 employees (ESB have about 5,000))

        Being responsible for laying pipes the same as the experience of running a utility, regardless JT track record screams incompetence, cronyism, cynicism in public procurement and ignorance of customer management.

  8. Selfie Sensation

    Funny because I spent this morning listening to Newstalk where a number of protester representatives repeatedly stated that this was about people not being able to pay and that the government were not listening. clearly the government are damned if they do and damned if they don’t with the result that they will do whatever they want as the can’t win either way.

    1. Mister Mister

      Anti water protesters change their argument to suit whatever or whoever they’re arguing with.

      We pay already
      We can’t afford it
      We can, but won’t pay, because of the principle.

  9. Marvel Gumshoe

    A time for clarity perhaps?

    Different people oppose the water charges for different reasons. There is no Borg mentality going on here. People have a menu of reasons to choose from.

    I already pay for water through other taxes (so don’t tell me nobody pays for water)
    i can’t afford another charge as I’m being squeezed to the point of extinction

    Main Course
    Irish Water is an obese, disease-riddled irish-style quango and I refuse to pay for that.
    Irish Water will inevitably be privatised and this precious resource will become a commodity.

    The Government are being disingenuous in the extreme. This is not about paying for water. This is about paying German Banks.
    I’m fed up being lied to and shafted by over-paid, over-pensioned politicians who seem to forget that they are our servants, not our masters.

    You can add your own items to the menu, if you wish. BYOB (of water).

  10. Kolmo

    42% of the entire EU banking debt has been wrapped around the neck of our little Republic – I didn’t party that hard….
    how about diverting enough of our taxes to pay for a functioning water system instead of paying for bullshit that had nothing to do with us and deal with the consequences of Frau Merkel having a bit of a strop later, she’l get over it, buy her a box of After Eight and a bottle of Blue Nun from the petrol station on the way home, it’ll be grand…pffft

  11. Niallo

    The issue isnt centered around money, although it is a key issue.
    Dont kid yourselves, the LAs have wasted the money they already received but cant be dismissed for incompetence (set to change in the CS soon) but thats another story.
    What do you think will happen to the money that iw will receive ?
    It will be squandered also (partly by the same lads who breast fed shovels from the LAs in the first place) and partly to go into the vein.. I mean gov coffers to shill out to the bond holders.
    Not a red cent will go into infrastructure, aside from maybe a Khmer Rouge style attempt to bring water from the shannon to dublin.
    (Downhill, across and uphill)
    Have to be seen to be doing something after all.
    What about those people yesterday whos houses were flooded, all they could get was a night service message from iw !?!?! Wt actual f ??
    No, in terms of money, enda and the lads needs to understand that this time, as my rather crude uncle from NI would put it “the t’ts gone dry”
    Find your bondholders money through savings in expenditure or fupp off.
    Not our problem. We didnt party that hard (i didnt party at all, poor me)
    No, No more money !
    No, means No !

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