54 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Don Pidgeoni

    “We thought that this order was at odds with our beliefs, certainly was in contradiction with what the Bible teaches”

    I don’t remember the Bible saying anything about gay puppets?

  2. eamonn clancy

    The left has so far round the block that’s becoming the new right. If the bakers had genuine religious difficulties with the cake, so be it. People can’t be forced to do something against their religious beliefs, all of us who support same sex marriage need to remember that.

      1. miffytheteapotslayor

        No, but it’s certainly sufficient justification for choosing not to undertake a particular task.

        It is perfectly legal not to undertake a particular TASK for anyone.
        It’s not legal (nor should it be) not to undertake any task for a particular PERSON.

        The bakery declined the task, it didn’t decline to serve the person.

          1. miffytheteapotslayor

            The former is saying “I won’t do that” to everyone (no discrimination between people)
            The latter is saying “I’m not doing that for the likes of YOU!”


          2. neil

            Nail on the head. Legally, it’s a very different thing to turn down a job than to refuse service to a person due to that person’s gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc.

          3. Don Pidgeoni

            I think what miffy is saying that you can refuse to make a cake that promotes gay marriage (not illegal) without necessarily refusing to make a cake for gay people (illegal).

          4. Alfred E. Neumann

            If you have trouble seeing their point, imagine someone asked them to make a cake that said Immigrants Out. Would they be OK to refuse that?

          5. Don Pidgeoni

            Isn’t Oscar the Grouch basically Farage? He should at least be up for consideration for racist cake

        1. Sidewinder

          For any person yes, but not for any reason. We have nine specific reasons that you cannot use for treating someone differently here in the republic, I expect they have something similar up north too.

      1. Robert

        The question is not, whether or not they are dicks. The question is whether you can force somebody to bake a cake for you if they don’t want to.

  3. Harry the Horse

    Much ado about nothing. These guys have their beliefs, which they’re entitled to, even if they are at odds with someone elses. They weren’t imposing theit beliefs on others, just observing them themselves. The customer may have felt discriminated against, but that was not the case. Get the cake baked elsewhere, and get over yourself. You’re not the only person/minority entitled to have your beliefs upheld by society.

      1. Gers

        Its exactly like that. Another ridiculous situation which should have never be. Go get your cake elsewhere and respect other people’s beliefs and convictions.

        1. Harry the Horse

          “Go get your cake elsewhere and respect other people’s beliefs and convictions”.
          Exactly, just as you would expect to have your beliefs respected.

      2. Sidewinder

        Not really. A halal butcher cannot provide bacon because they don’t stock it. However a bakery has a printer that can put whatever you want on icing.

      3. Nigel

        Like going to any butchers that sells bacon, asking for some bacon and being refused bacon because you’re gay, actually.

          1. Nigel

            Yes they were. They wanted the bacon for their gay marriage reception and the butcher said, sorry, I don’t do bacon for gay marriages because it’s against my cherished religious beliefs.

          2. Robert

            No Nigel. It wasn’t refused because it was for a gay marriage. It was refused because of the “support gay marriage” slogan.

            As an aside, how flippin cheezy is it getting a political slogan on your wedding cake? Baker should have objected on artistic grounds alone.

          3. Nigel

            THEN THEY WANTED THE BACON TO BE ARRANGED IN A PRO-GAY MARRIAGE SLOGAN. Cripes. It’s an analogy, it’s only supposed to correspond in a loosely allegorical fashion. There is license for inexactitude!

        1. Robert

          “Like going to any butchers that sells bacon, asking for some bacon and being refused bacon because you’re gay, actually.”

          Actually, it’s more like asking for veal, when the hypothetical butcher doesn’t sell veal because he objects to it on ethical grounds.

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