9 thoughts on “Batsuits You, Sir

  1. Clampers Outside!

    1992-1995 were great years with that Saturday morning animated series… I had three hours of that show on a VHS tape which I gave to the Sex Kitchen and Vagabonds night clubs in Galway who would screen scenes as a back drop during club nights…. got me free in it did :)

    Good times, strawberries, mad times, micro dots, off me nut times, purple ohms, sweaty times, doobs, change-of-clothes-in-a-bag-going-to-a-club-night times…. nothing worse than coming out of a small sweaty nightclub in January and stepping out into a freezin’ cold Atlantic gale-force wind roaring in your face….. *shivers*

    Oh youth, you were wasted… well wasted :)

        1. Drogg

          It stands the test of time. As someone who watches a lot of kids tv these days very little would be able to stand up to it. The writing is still outstanding i especially love the two parter with clay face.

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