Coláiste Uisce Vs Uisce Éireann



Fada love of God.

John Gallagher writes:

Unknown to many, Colaiste Uisce in Belmullet, Co Mayo have been getting huge amount of calls and complains from people mistaking it for Irish Water, they’ve made this video to set the record straight!

Colaiste Uisce

12 thoughts on “Coláiste Uisce Vs Uisce Éireann

  1. Kieran NYC

    To my surprise and happiness, I understood all of what he was saying. Day made. Off for pints!

    Also – looks like great craic! :)

  2. VinLieger

    Lol went there as a young un, just forward all calls to teach Peggy she will set them straight, an almighty beast so she was

  3. Ppads

    The mismanagement of Irish Water roused an unseen nationalism that resulted in the throwing of media alarm bells. I have no idea what anyone is saying here?

  4. Walter-Ego

    Things must be fair bad for Irish Water, when even the Gaelgoir are taking the p*ss out of them.
    Oh, Ta bron urm.

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