Free For All Angels



Do you fancy a live performance of tunes from an acclaimed new solo project by the boy from Ash (Now a seen it all 36).

Owen O’C writes:

Last minute free show Tim Wheeler launches solo debut album in Tower Records, Wicklow Streety, Dublin tomorrow Saturday at 1.30pm.

Lost Domain (Tim Wheeler)

Tim Wheeler

Video: RTÉ Ten

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4 thoughts on “Free For All Angels

  1. Frank

    Wicklow St., Dublin.
    It probably wouldn’t go well if everyone going turned up in Wicklow !
    Town or County…
    But, they would be welcomed !

    1. LiamZero

      Well actually, it’s not even Wicklow Street anymore: Tower is now located in a cave on Dawson Street. It’s so hard to find your way around inside that various senior al-Qaeda figures are believed to currently inhabit the M-T row of the CD section.

      1. Alfred E. Neumann

        I saw DB Cooper playing Texas Holdem with Lord Lucan and Amelia Aerhart behind the headphone display. I tried to alert the checkout guy, but I kept having to stop for a shave.

        1. LiamZero

          Well see that’s where you went wrong. They have a policy of only serving men with beards so that would have been the issue there.

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