Free This Evening?


Launching tonight: the Brainbelt Illustration Collective Design Week Exhibition at MVP [Upper Clanbrassil St., Dublin 8] which runs until 15 Dec. as part of Design Week 2014. To wit:

The exhibition launches Friday the 7th of November at 7pm and runs for 6 weeks. It features work by Michelle Cunningham, Emma Rowe, Alan Dunne, Stephen Mc Carthy, Jamie Murphy, Lauren O’Neill, Eileen O’Neill, John Corrigan and! Stephen Mc Nally. All artists will have prints for sale on the night and throughout the exhibition. We look forward to seeing you there.

Above (from pic 2): ‘Personal Space Invaders’ by Lauren O’Neill; ‘Spam Illustrated: The Inheritance of Yoshiko Ishii’ by Alan Dunne; ‘Some things which are Not LOL’ by Emma Rowe; ‘Loki’ still from animation by Stephen Mc Nally and ‘Jaws’ by Jamie Murphy

(Thanks Eileen O’Neill)

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6 thoughts on “Free This Evening?

  1. Mikeyfex

    Oh, it’s a ‘collective’. I’m quite sure then that I’ll find that on Clanbra….oh look at that.

    I like the Loki one.

  2. Lafcadio Hearn

    Really really like Personal Space Invaders’ by Lauren O’Neill; and would like to see more

    Like Alan Dunne’s image too.

    Would love to visit this show!

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