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Kosuke Sato works as a tombstone salesman in Chiba Precfecture in Japan, assuaging the morbid concerns of his day job by creating miniature restaurant and bartending dioramas for Ginji (the handsome chap at the top) and other members of his collection of adorable hamsters.

He also keeps miniature ferrets, but they tend to occupy low-level administrative or accounting positions within the group.

More rodentine barista action at Sato’s blog.


8 thoughts on “Hamster Bar

    1. downtowntrain

      Japanese folks have by and large given up sex and the pursuit of relationships. Must leave plenty of time to dedicate to this madness.

      Fair play though.

    1. scottser

      all the hamsters are on their own clamps. those poor. lonely hamsters and there’s you laughing at them. you’ve changed man – you used to be cool.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        I assumed they were all businesses on the same street and they met up at the third last fellas place for dinner and on to the last lads for scoops of an evening…. how wrong I was :(

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