10 thoughts on “De Thursday Papers

    1. martco

      couldn’t give a crap and I’ll still be making sure to vote for ANYONE except FG/LAB/FF even moreso now after seeing this holy show

      does anyone really really seriously believe that Kenny gives a half-shite about what happened to this poor girl or any of the people in Norn Iron during the troubles or where whomever was sent by RA kangaroo courts at the time???

      I’m more interested in what’s going on right here right now like sneaky taxation and blatant attempted commoditisation of things we own, cronyism, homelessness, fupped-up justice system and punishing the (probably in the 100’s at this stage) lies being told to us since these glove puppets got voted into the trough

      this is just more “look at the birdys” stuff and smells pretty desperate

      I’ll be voting Indo’s all the way in the coming GE and I’ll be marching against the water charges on the 10th and I won’t be distracted by any of this nonsense

      1. Walter-Ego

        Good man martco, well said. And i’ll be joining you on the 10th. it’s time to end this corrupt Government lies and thievery.

  1. Bonzor

    I oten think it’s interesting that Irish papers lead with national photographs, while out UK counterparts lead with international ones.

  2. munkifisht

    Well that’s a f**king travesty. One of the lead engineers of the Rosetta mission and the ESA lander system engineer overseeing the landing of Philae (not THE Philae you Examiner muppets) is an Irish lad called Laurence O’Rourke. It’s disgusting that one of the greatest accomplishments of man ever is being completely ignored. Broadsheet are equally guilty and haven’t given this any press. I might just abandon this quagmire and go full time on to Reddit.

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