For The Wexican Who Has Everything



TWELVE months of Wexford GAA greats.

From Tom at

He writes:

I’m selling A3 Calendars for the Wexican in your life. A year of Wexford Hurling, Football, Camogie and Ladies football legends that I have illustrated in the last few years. Featuring illustrations of the likes of Tony Doran, Nickey Rackard, Matty Forde, Kate Kelly and more….Might make a good stocking filler! Only €15 inc postage

Purchase here 

Irish-made stocking fillers to marked ‘Irish Made Stocking Fillers. No fee just nuzzles.

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8 thoughts on “For The Wexican Who Has Everything

  1. Frenchfarmer

    Christmas idea.
    Take a dozen Walnuts and carefully open one by, gently, putting a knife up it’s bum then twisting the knife.
    Take out the nut and replace it with a small gift then glue the shell back together.
    Place the dozen nuts in a bowl and see who gets the gift.
    Or put them in a box as a gift.

    1. Frilly Keane

      You’ve given me an idea Frenchie

      I’m gonna make a hape of Christmas fudgies and send them in

      Maybe BS will run a home made stocking filler competition

      Mick Flavin has ta be barred from it tho

  2. Davey T

    Picture the scene:
    You’re 8 years old. Its all being built up to this. Christmas. Its going to be great. Letter written to Santa since August. A bicycle and a surprise. You cant sleep Christmas Eve. You think you hear Santa. 6am, you burst into the living room and there it is, a shiny new bike….. but its raining outside. You cant cycle indoors. You decide to open the “surprise” and play with that for a few hours. Its a calendar. You are left sitting with a calendar on Christmas morning. You flick through it. Theres a bunch of girls- eeeewww. Theres a redhead with tiny shorts- eeewww. Theres a bunch of old men with dodgy haircuts, moustaches and big bellies. But wait, they saved the best til last. An old dude, in tiny shorts and a godawful top (even you, as an 8 year old know that those colours are awful) kneeling and praying. Best. Christmas. Ever

    1. Frilly Keane

      Ya miserable oul crank ya

      If you don’t have Christmas in your heart
      You won’t find it under tree T

      Have yerself a Malteaser Snowman
      N cheer up

      1. Davey T

        Ah Frilly me old flower. Nothing cranky about telling the tale of an 8 year olds wonderful surprise on Christmas morning!

  3. JoesephT

    Wow! only fifteen quid AND it cheekily includes ladies football and camogie legends.I cant wait.I want mine now.

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