Got A Heckle Outside




Outside and in, at the G.P.O. Dublin this evening as members of the Cabinet try to announce plans for the 1916 commemoration.

Pesky dissidents Peaceful protesters.

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        1. Wayne.F

          Not really, this protest is akin to the behaviour of those outside Glasnevin cemetery earlier in the year at the WW1 memorial. They could have protested peacefully and in a manner that was more in keeping with the tone and subject of tonight’s announcements! Instead they acted like a mob

      1. Wayne.F

        Really, holding an opinion that the disrupting of an event announcing details, of a national commemoration of significant historical events, for the nation is not an appropriate place to protest about something completely unrelated!! Is a disgrace? Wow I am sure you are ok with abusive and threatening protests!

        1. Dangerfield

          This was absolutely the time and the place, especially considering the location as the landmark for the last time a stand was made against those who were happy to fleece and bleed the country dry.
          Putting Joan and Enda under this kind of pressure is exactly what they need. In their faces, all of the time, any time they’re out in public. This was a small group of people, but I’ve seen these videos shared with relish by so many people tonight, I’d bet that the vast majority of people in this country would feel they’re getting what they deserve, and further, that it’s only the beginning.
          I think we’re heading towards a London Poll Tax 1990’s situation. The disconnect is growing, anger is on the rise and most people won’t be mollified easily.

          And for those calling protesters scum and denigrating them as jobless or rent-a-mob; I would contend that discrimination against people who are of poorer class background, and more than ever under pressure because of inherent inequalities in our economic system, is truly a marker of a slimy sense of superiority and deeply-rooted ignorance.
          More and more people are beginning to think the govt is shaky and that there’s a chance of abolishing IW/UI.

  1. delacaravanio

    If they were around today the men who fought and died in 1916 would be outside with the protesters.

    1. Wayne.F

      You know them personally? You may need to do some research in relation to Constance Markievicz and her economic ideas for taxation!!

      1. Sinabhfuil

        Constance Markievicz worked all her life alleviating the harsh poverty of Dubliners. She was never wealthy. She fought with the Citizen Army, the army of the poor.

        1. Happy Molloy

          but back then they realised that such a social paradises requires heavy taxation.
          these protests largely come from groups who are completely unwilling to pay any tax. if they were true socialists they would work for the state for free but instead give out about job bridge..

          1. Anne

            these protests largely come from groups who are completely unwilling to pay any tax

            Do you not find it gets tricky when you’re trying to marginalise 150k + people?

            if they were true socialists they would work for the state for free

          2. Anne

            Last shred of credibility lost.

            It makes for a good satirical quote though –

            these protests largely come from groups who are completely unwilling to pay any tax. if they were true socialists they would work for the state for free

      2. Lorcan Nagle

        MY great grandfather fought in the rising. Given the social conscience and ethos his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren have been raised with, I’d be willing to say that yes, they would be out protesting.

  2. Happy Molloy

    just passed in a bus and there was 3 people with a Mega phone screaming outside.

    protest is good, the water charges marches were good even though I don’t agree with them.

    but these wasters who shout and scream and curse and and have no sense of proportion or appropriateness would want to be sent to a gulag

    1. Formerly known as

      That video is full of rubbish. When there is a 32 county state, then the work of 1916 will be complete. It looks like we will continue to pretend that all of Ireland is free.

    1. ahjayzis

      I don’t understand why we give a poo what ‘de relatives’ do or say?

      The odds of any of them having any memory of the events, or even have met their ancestors is slim. In another 100 years will the hereditary heroism still be with their families? It’s daft that in a Republic we’re fawning over the descendants of some hero or other, or that they think they have an entitlement to speak for their great-great uncles or manage the events.

        1. Clampers Outside!

          *cough, splutter*

          “Senator Daly estimated there were some 150,000 descendants of Rising veterans who could participate in the commemorations, but the problem of how to accommodate them all would have to be addressed” ….is this guy for real, seriously :)

          From the IT link above

      1. delacaravanio

        Hear, hear. If you go back far enough we’re all related to historically significant people. It doesn’t matter a damn.

        About 1 in every 200 men alive today directly descend from Genghis Khan. That’s about 18 million people in the VIP seats for the annual Khan commemorations.

          1. Anne

            Last I heard of him was this –

            “Mr Collins said that Moneygall in an internationally recognised part of Ireland through Mr Healy.

            In response, Judge Durcan said that US President, Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle have visited Moneygall”


            It’s a mitigating factor if you’ve put Moneygall on the map and if you’re an 8th cousin of Obama.
            Related to Genghis Khan? Ah, why didn’t you tell us earlier, release this man immediately

    2. Paolo

      Why are the relatives entitled to special treatment? The accident of their births does not give them any privilege over the rest of us.

      1. delacaravanio

        Try explaining that to the morons who keep electing young Dev, or to give him his proper title Eamon Cuiv.

  3. Drogg

    I did think the behaviour of the protesters was despicable, then I seen the video for the 1916 commemoration that completely ignores the rising. Serious what the f**k is wrong with this country?

  4. Sinabhfuil

    Relatives of those who fought in 1916 aren’t looking for special treatment. Unlike relatives of TDs and Ministers who are looking for election into the family seat.

    1. delacaravanio

      They are whinging that they haven’t been solely consulted.

      Sounds like special treatment to me.

    2. Mayor Quimby

      Except the offspring of TDs don’t get special treatment – they still have to get elected (duh!?)

      The idiot princelings who think they’re entitled to be consulted about 1916 can get stuffed

  5. El Cuno

    Just a reminder about our current shambles schedule:

    2014 – Water charges
    2015 – Eircodes
    2016 – 1916 Commemoration
    2017 – property crash
    2018 – banking crisis

  6. AliG

    Seem like a group of scumbags who want the middle class to pay for everything. Someone has to pay and they want income tax payers to pay for it all as they go to protests.

    1. Andy Moore

      Hello Ali G fellow ”middle classer” ?? & false moniker . I worked my guts out for 30 years ’til injury & family circumstances ended my working days & paid over €200’000 tax & INSURANCE (re-paymet of my claim is my only income )? & I proudly stood outside the GPO last night for an hour with some of the soundest people I know ! majority of whom actually work to subidise a corrupt elite. & I do find your comments dis-concerting & display a total ignorance of how society should be organised & adapted ?? .

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