Was It For This?




A 1916-2016 promotional video.

Spaghetti Hoop writes:

Not a mention of the rebellion leaders and participators that were executed or wounded or the lives, widowed wives, poetry and legacy. No mention of The Citizen Army, the IRB, The Nation, Cumann na mBan, Home Rule, Redmond, Kilmainham, Shefflin, Kevin Barry, Austin Stack, Roger Casement, the previous rebellions of 1798, Parnell, Wolfe Tone etc.
This IS the “Gathering Part II” as feared by our historians. The people that put this together have been given a brief that is so far removed from the 1916 Rebellion that allowed it to be made it into a faux-bollywood movie all about making MONEY. Jay-sus. I really had hopes.


48 thoughts on “Was It For This?

  1. Jimmee

    Great video. Pity they left out the bit about the 80 years of industrial scale child sex abuse perpetrated against the citizens of the state while those “republicans” turned a blind eye.

  2. Medium Sized C

    You’d hopes of the wrong people, hoop. Course it’s up to us to commemorate 1916 how we please and let the gathering go swivel.

    1. ReproBertie

      I completely agree. The official commemmoration will be completely overtaken by politicians and “the relatives” so fupp them. A wander around the sites with a knowledgeable person (of course we’ve over a year to make ourselves knowledgeable persons) and a trip to Glasnevin should do the job.

      Perhaps a trip to Cork could be added to all gather together and then disperse without doing anything.

      1. mauriac

        the relatives should be reminded that this isn’t a monarchy . the best way to commemorate 1916 would be to read the proclamation and give people copies..

        1. Mark Dennehy

          And then shoot a few innocent civilians for not listening to the proclamation, drag a shooting war into the center of a populated capital, make sure to do it without the support of the majority of the population, and then wait for a year or two afterwards and threaten a compulsory draft to the military for whatever large war is going on, and then revise the history with the biggest pair of rose-coloured glasses you can find, just to keep it historically accurate and all.

  3. Soundings

    Did the Irish intelligence services carry out a risk assessment for 2016 and conclude the biggest risk was an unstoppable rise in Irish nationalism, that we’d pick a fight with Britain and there’d be war? If so, maybe we should get a couple of planes capable of 200-plus mph instead of splurging on this thinly-veiled FG party political broadcast.

  4. Grouse

    I don’t need the video to be a maudlin dirge about the violence of 1916, but this does seem remarkably tin eared.

    But who made the video? I see no source, even on Youtube. If it’s just some lad in his living room them there’s not much point in being angry.

    1. Grouse

      Whoever’s commisioned to do this has been using the #IrelandInspires tag since at least Paddy’s Day. I’m not sure the tag is supposed to tie in with 1916 so much as it’s supposed to tie all the Irish tourism marketing from this government/media group/advertising agency.

      1. Soundings

        Yep, saw that, though it was written #irelandinspires and I first thought it was Ireland-In-Spires and was going to be some reference to Ireland as a religious country with lots of church spires.

  5. Pale Blue Dot Cotton

    You hardly think they’re going to promote a rebellion? They don’t want them protestors getting any ideas. Like, GAWD.

  6. louislefronde

    I am definitely booking a holiday for Easter 2016, as the last place on earth I want to be is here. Frankly the whole centenary thing is a NAFF self-justifying, back-slapping jamboree for Politicians.

    It’s just another shin-dig paid for by the taxpayer

    1. Caroline

      There’s no other sane response. A ridiculous flashback-fiasco that’s going to descend into bunfight after b*tchfest with some aggrieved party or other always in tears in the corner.

      1. Suspendered Animation

        Yes it would be very convenient for a lot of people if Louis wasn’t round to ask the difficult questions.

        Louis you take a lot of trouble with your posts and you have a positive attitude which is sadly rare, I commend you.

        1. Mani

          Yes, I for one enjoyed his carefully considered post which wished instant death upon Sinead O’Connor. Very brave.

  7. Frilly Keane

    Bitta’ve a pisser for all tbf

    I’m thinking of flying the flag for the whole year from the chimney. Maybe get Mick Flavin to do the gable

    And a 2016 number plate

  8. zeno

    So by 2016 Tech companies will have balloons identifying their employees in case they leave the work premises. Drones can be dispatched to return them to their desks where meals will be provided.

  9. wearnicehats

    Alternatively you could all move on and stop banging on about the rebels blah blah blah. Anyone who really cares is dead. I’m sure the wolfe tones or someone will write a song.

    1. IDB

      I would have thought it could be used as an opportunity to appraise the first hundred years of the Republic. To determine how the many many mistakes of the century can be avoided and how to continue to take advantage of the successes.


  10. John

    This is poor work by Failte Ireland. Their Wild Atlantic Way promotional video was far superior. More umphhh…

  11. bisted

    …isn’t there an election before then? If Éamon o Cuív has any say – and it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to imagine him holding the balance of power – then everything hapless Heather and the blueshirt revisionists arrange will be scrapped.

    1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

      Every time I think of Éamon Ó Cuív, I think of his cute hoor “Cuív, Éamon Ó” trick to get himself at the top of the ballot paper.

  12. rotide

    What the almighty hell are you all talking about.

    This is clearly a tourism/Brand Ireland kind of piece and nothing whatsoever to do with the 1916 centenary.

    You really will publish anything for clicks.

  13. Grouse

    It’s called “Ireland Inspires 2016”. There are numerous references to 2016 in it. It is just an early released tourism video, coincidentally for the same year as the centenary, or wha?

    Here’s a link from their twitter announcing it. You’re right, in the sense that it never mentions 1916. Which is kind of the weirdness that everyone is talking about. Do you think it’s entirely independent of the centenary? Not a mocking question, it seems almost as plausible explanation as that it’s a centenary video that doesn’t mention 1916.

    1. rotide

      It’s an investment video.

      It’s not a 1916 commemoration video. Anyone who thinks it is is a complete moron.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        Hear, hear ….been saying that since it came out (yesterday?) and I’ve been called all sorts of funny for it!

        There are some that give a list of names not in the video as long as a small town’s phone book. the damn thing is an ad, it’s 1 minute 24 seconds long. It’s not a bleedin’ 1hr 24min docu mini-series :)

        Massive Whoooooooooooooosh going on now with all the gombeen uber-nationalists in fairness. It’s kinda funny… and a bit sad too :)

        Well said Rotide!

        1. rotide

          I don’t know but if it was a video of Panti doing handstands on O Connoll bridge it would be a promo for panti and not a commemoration video regardless of when or where it was launched.

          It’s an Ad.

          Deal with it.

          1. Spaghetti Hoop

            An ad…..? So you think it perfectly okay to commodify the 1916 centenary and anyone who objects are advised to simply ‘deal with it’? If you have such low regard for Irish history then why bother knocking someone who does?

  14. Chris

    Ok so once we’ve remembered the rebellion, the civil war, the pro treaties, the anti treaties, the Magdeline laundries, the famine, the exodus, the mass baby graves, the executions and the disappeared, the trafficked sex abuse victims, the kidnapped people, the kidnapped race horse, the mother and baby homes, the trafficked sex offenders, the political deniers, the jailed, the executed, the Irish who fought in WW1, the Irish who fought in WW2, that bishop who had a kid in America and the Omagh bombing, can we then just have a bit of a nice day with cake and some wee celebrations and the like.

  15. Ms Piggy

    it seems to have gone. Which is kind of interesting in itself, but I’m aggrieved not to have seen how bad it is.

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