22 thoughts on “Was It For This?

    1. Padi

      Yep, tres uafásach!

      Gives a nice little insight in to the total disdain with which the average public/civil servant has for their job.

      1. JoesephT

        Careful now Padi,I think the civil service is doing a splendid job and i wont have you going around speaking about them in …emmm…..yeah,they’re pure lazy sh1te.

      2. scottser

        i’d say most public sector employees have sod all irish. chances are this was outsourced on a very, very tiny budget.

        1. JoesephT

          outsourced by a public sector employee to somebody that was paid to do the job but could not do the job and nobody checked to see if the work was done to a reasonable standard.

  1. Starina

    i don’t understand the logic behind that at all. would there not be irish speakers working for the department specifically for irish text???

    1. Frilly Keane

      Ah no comrade
      Demarcation rules

      Public Sector Agreements state members are only allowed translate Irish inta English

      ‘Need ta get back to the table and negotiate a new allowance

  2. Quisling

    There should be, Starina. Every department *technically* has staff fluent in Irish to be able to deal with any citizen wishing to do their government business through that medium, as is their right. What’s really annoying me about this though is that there are any number of Irish speakers who would have happily translated that text, without charging a fortune (which is in and of itself irrelevant given the government budget for same).

    Ugh. I despair.

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    Imbeciles. I hope they’re confronted in the Dáil and questions actually answered …..for a change.

  4. Hashtag Diversity

    I just ran the video through Google Translate – “LinkedIn, FaceBook, Google” = “12.5% tax rate”

  5. Brian

    Most likely a non-Irish-speaking civil servant created draft text for it with the intention that a proper translation would be made before it was published, but the higher grade non-Irish-speaking civil servant reviewing it failed to understand the situation and signed off on it as it was.

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