Wing In The New Year



NUI Galway” by Marina Steiner, category winner in ‘Best-Photo-Taken-With-a-Phone’


Looking for a calendar?

Joanna Brophy writes:

We have two great stocking fillers this year which are both raising funds for the Student Union charities: Console and BeLonG To. We have a 2015 Calendar or a set of 12 Postcards both featuring winning entries from the highly successful Capture Your Campus photo competition which was held at NUI Galway. They are a fiver each and all the money goes to charity as Standard Printers were really sound and printed them all for free for us! Both items can be purchased from the SU Shop or office and they can also be ordered online here:.

NUI Galway Shop (NUI)

Irish Made stocking fillers to marked ‘Irish-Made Stocking Fillers’. No fee just a tickle.

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    1. Orlita

      NUIG is its current name, it used to be called UCG so some people still call it that, especially if they went there when it was called that and UCHG is the regional hospital across the road

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