‘You’re A Parasite Enda’



Enda is an expletive according to some.

Took it like a chump in fairness.

Context: Got A Heckle Outside

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91 thoughts on “‘You’re A Parasite Enda’

  1. yogy

    Well played Enda.

    These knackers and scumbags will just drive support towards the Government with that kind of behaviour. Whether it’s that or obstructing water protests the level of aggression used is always ridiculous. Nothing more annoying than hearing a Dublin knacker screaming into this stolen iPhone and then uploading onto you tube.

    1. martco

      but sure Kenny can’t tie his own shoelaces….more importantly he’s got ZERO credibility

      a belief that the Govt. will gain any support from ANYTHING they try on with the electorate now (short of a nuclear catastrophe caused by everyone else that they save us from in a McGuyver style) is misplaced

      all this statesmanesque guff around the Maria Cahill (whom I feel very sorry for) situation….we all know full well there’s a .ppt slide somewhere in FG towers full of bullet-pointed ahem distraction tactics…don’t worry about these kind of incidents, real or concocted they won’t matter, there’s too many examples of lying and cheating already in the domain here and in a European context…..they’re going down and they can occupy themselves moving those deck chairs about all they want, I’m focussed on voting them out

  2. karlypants

    CGI Challenge of the Day: both vids re-imagined with reactions of UK, French, German, Spanish police and US police.

      1. paul m

        i wouldnt have thought a bus eireann and a taxi driver were capable of doing it either, so yes they should be arrested for blocking ednas car by stopping at a red light.

    1. ivan

      Protesters aren’t necessarily saying ‘we can do this better’; protestors just tend to say ‘you’re doing this wrong’ or ‘do you think you’ve thought this through’. Sure the terms used might be different, but because somebody protests against something, it’s not axiomatic that they’re saying ‘I should be in charge’.

      I protested against the Gulf War when I was in London; I make no claims now, and I made none them, of my suitability to lead a country of 60 million people. I simply made the claim that Blair was in the wrong.

      1. Just sayin'

        But you know these Marxists DO actually want to run the country, but knowing they’ll never have sufficient support allows them to say and do the most reckless things without consequence.

      2. smoothlikemurphys

        “Protesters aren’t necessarily saying ‘we can do this better’”

        That’s true, most of them are just screaming gibberish.

    2. JoesephT

      No.Why would anybody with a brain try to imagine something like that.But lets face it fine gael are a shower of scumbag,knackers albeit with slightly more tact and oratory skills than that particular HECKLER.
      Dont lump all protesters in the same bag. it is disingenuous , lazy and typical of a brown nosing political wannabe.

    3. All the good ones fly south for winter

      We did, then we imagined them running a bath, then a race and then a huge phone bill after an all night prank call session, then we finally imagined them running up a hill after Kate Bush demanding autographs and future tour information, then we imagined them taking a nap because they were all tuckered out after all that imagining and running.

    4. paul m

      i could imagine one of the monkeys in dublin zoo running the country right now and still doing a better job of it.

    1. scottser

      Whether BS condone it or not is irrelevant tom. it’s only clickbait to bring out the FG shills like you.

    2. paul m

      since when has reportage been considered ‘condoning’?
      The mainstream media arent exactly covering themselves in glory by towing the government line and suggesting these protests are infiltrated by provos attempting to cause nothing more than public unrest, while choosing to ignore the number of ‘ordinary’ people who are also taking part.

  3. Wayne.F

    Bisted & les rock, will be along to claim this is legitimate and acceptable behaviour from protestors! Sadly she actually made Enda look quick and witty!!!

    It is one of the good things about Irish politics, access and availability of politicians, they are not sealed in a bubble if security but incidents like this could lead to something worse which stops that

    1. figleaf

      Why do people assume protestors aren’t workers?
      I’ve protested against things plenty and I’ve worked all my life.
      Also – you must have missed all the news bulletins constantly reporting lots of people losing their jobs in the last few years?
      People being made unemployed, redundant, having to move out of Ireland due to lack of jobs?
      There’s no shame in being unemployed, shame on your snobbishness superiority.

      1. Jock

        Because we know who they are at this stage. It’s the same few mouths uploading 10 videos a day.

        They are unemployable knackers that are happy to be professional protestors.

        1. scottser

          1. you don’t know who ‘they’ are. even you can’t be that arrogant
          2. prove it’s ‘the same few mouths’. you can’t can you?
          3. ‘unemployable knackers’? do you really want this to just be about name calling, or do you actually have something to say for once?

          1. Jock

            I do know who they are. They leave it all out in the open on Facebook and the media. They will tell you that they’re unemployed themselves.

  4. JoesephT

    The slow reaction of security and the crap that was spewed suggests that it was well staged just like endas speeches.

      1. JoesephT

        It would not surprise me but then again that would suggest a level of competence on their behalf which they have clearly displayed they do not possess.

        1. Alfred E. Neumann

          Do you want to try describing the meeting, as you imagine it, where the suggestion was put forward? Do yo think they held auditions for the guy? Did he write his own dialogue, or did Alan Kelly run it off?

          1. JoesephT

            You tell me alf as it sounds like you oversaw the auditions yourself.By the way you didn’t do a very convincing or competent job.Kinda like the fools you work for.But do keep trying and one day the people of Ireland just might be convinced that you give a damn about anything or anybody but feathering you and your cronies nests.

          1. JoesephT

            What do you crowd know about fairness.Shame on you to ever invoke a word like that to try and bolster your lack of credibility.Like calling protesters hecklers.You boys learned from the best.Joseph Goebbels, Reich Minister of Propaganda.

        1. DazzaMazza

          God a moron with a thesaurus. Yes I’m looking to curry favor with our government through calling you, their political nemesis, a moron on broadsheet. Its on the agenda of the next FG parliamentary meeting.
          Item 4. Thank DazzaMazza for calling out JoesephT as a moron.

          1. JoesephT

            Ah! come on dazza.Why cant you have the guts to reveal your true fan-boy sycophant agenda instead of anonymously calling people names.

    1. Manta Rae

      Article 12 states that the President takes ‘precedence over all other persons in the State’ (ie he/she is the head of state) who, according to Article 13 appoints the Taoiseach, the head of government..

      It’s not that hard to understand…

  5. Owen

    Id have no issue with any of them being slammed on the ground and arrested. Banging the side of the car, blocking the rd, getting up in his face and calling him a c++t. I’m not a fan of Enda, but as a citizen I’d like them arrested if they did that to anyone, be it a teacher, a nurse, a guard, a homeless person etc, anyone. And that gobsh1t in Tuam too, shouting ‘peaceful protest’ while pushing and fighting his way through the guards. Time for the water cannons. All they are missing is Celtic tops and stones.

  6. Eoghany

    See the thing is, I get it, nobody likes Enda really. That’s fine an all! However, you have to ask yourself, who should run the country? FF? SF? AAA? Lab? I think the alternatives are bleak, and I really can’t see them doing any better. I think it’s sad but true, that we have to settle for the least worst of a bad lot!

    1. John Cassidy

      The AAA and/or SF might have had the balls to stand up to Europe and have them bail out the bondholders. We had the Euro by the balls, we should have squeezed harder.

          1. John Cassidy

            The Greeks played hard ball and were hated in Europe but still bargained a lot more than we did.
            Not saying what they did was very laudable but allowing the Irish people take the whole hit is also far from f*cking laudable.

          2. f_lawless

            @Kieran NYC maybe you’re out of touch or something over there in NYC but statistics about the economy growing marginally are largely irrelevant when compared to consequences that the bailout and austerity program have had (and are continuing to have) on Irish society. The imbalance in wealth distribution has increased dramatically in recent years.
            “Despite being one of the richest countries in the EU, the study reveals we are nearly last when it comes to distribution of wealth”
            If we’re “coming out of it”, what then are we going in to?

    2. scottser

      you’re right. this oul plutocracy lark simply doesn’t work. what we’d like is a proper democracy where the right of the citizen is more important than the protection of private property and vested interests.
      but what do i know eh, poor misguided naive fool that i am?

    1. Eoghany

      It’s a fair point John. But whether that tact would’ve benefited us (or not) in the long run, is just hypothetical and conjecture, but I agree that it’s quite possible.

  7. JunkFace

    The Proles are rising up!

    “But the proles, if only they could somehow become conscious of their own strength, would have no need to ” (1.7.2) 1984 – George Orwell

    but then again…

    “So long as they (the Proles) continued to work and breed, their other activities were without importance. Left to themselves, like cattle turned loose upon the plains of Argentina, they had reverted to a style of life that appeared to be natural to them, a sort of ancestral pattern…Heavy physical work, the care of home and children, petty quarrels with neighbors, films, football, beer and above all, gambling filled up the horizon of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult.” 1984 – George Orwell

    1. ReproBertie

      Did you miss the bit where 1984 (and Animal Farm) was a cautionary tale about a popular socialist revolution betrayed by totalitarianism?

      Some would have us believe that there is a popular socialist revolution happening about the water charges so the AAA/SF totalitarian takeover can’t be too far behind.

      1. scottser

        i’m looking forward to our version of ‘the terror’. it’ll be called ‘the mortification’ and led by oul dears clattering td’s and bankers with their handbags. it’ll smell faintly of wee.

  8. bobsyerauntie

    I say fair play to them, these groups of protesters are only saying and doing what most of the Irish citizenry would like to do but don’t have the guts or the balls. T0 dismiss them as just merely just aggressive ‘Dublin Knackers and Scumbags’ is ridiculous, and it must be a comfortably smug position to be in if you’re able to criticize people standing up for their rights and the rights of their fellow citizens. Since when did this country become so sneeringly middle class?.. Personally I’d support anyone who stands up to injustice, Irish Water is unjust and the most disadvantaged people in Ireland have been made even more marginalized by this austerity… ‘Dublin says no’ might be rough around the edges but so what… at least they’re doing something…
    They have also hit the nail on the head with their question, ‘How has austerity affected you’? It’s a genius question and to the best of my knowledge, out of all their videos asking numerous politicians, Gerry Adams is the only one who gave a polite and humane response… I don’t think Enda Kenny came off well in this video, he should have more respect for the understandable anger he is causing with the public, and he should be more humble.. He took the piss out of this woman, and she might have been better off not using the ‘C word’ but I think he showed his true colors by his arrogant, sneering and contemptuous response… he has no respect for the Irish citizenry, he’s too busy feeding his ego on a power trip… it’s kind of pathetic and the sooner this little wannabe dictator is out the better.

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