12 thoughts on “De Saturday Papers

    1. Fergus O'Leprosy

      Nah, never.
      They’re the Red-Tops, and that’s what they do.

      Controversy is their currency, and if it isn’t already there they’ll convolute it from nothing, and subsequently milk it until it dies. – Because that’s what they do.

      No disrespect, but I thought everyone knew that.

  1. Fergus O'Leprosy

    I hadn’t paid that much attention to them to be honest, but I’ve tried reading between the lines of the Mirror after you singled it out, for science, and because that’s where the truth lies, between the lines…

    I’m also presuming you mean the ‘Face of chopped-up body in skip’ headline, yeah?
    (This is a critique on The Mirror, not you Kieran NYC. You’re a prick most of the time, but not right now. Yeah?)

    I’m also presuming that such a horrific thing would only be relegated to the bottom ⅓ of the front page because the victim was not only homeless but not connected to any criminal gang.

    I’ll bet there’s fook all on page 11 too.

      1. Fergus O'Leprosy

        Anytime, matey!

        Here, I just re-read that ‘article’, and realised that this guy’s body was found back in July.
        -Fair dues to the Gardaí. It only took them five months to figure out that a chopped-up body in a skip wasn’t an accident, and it wasn’t suicide. It was probably…wait for it…MURDER!!!

        I personally think that the Gardaí are a great bunch of lads.
        And fair dues to The Mirror for shining a (belated) light on their often misunderstood magnificence. The Gardaí are great. No, seriously.

        The Mirror is great.
        And Kieran NYC too.

        And me.

  2. Fergus O'Leprosy

    Wait a minute…
    -Are you trying to tell me that some of the people who post comments on this site are sober?

    Get a grip.
    Sober people wouldn’t read the comments, let alone add to them.

    -And anyway, only drunk people can spell properly, or form sensibly formatted sentences, with proper grammar and too many commas, but still claim that it’s perfect. Everybody knows that.

    I’m going to bed now. It’s been great craic. Goodnight.

  3. Alfred E. Neumann

    The Mirror headline is an unfortunate use of the tabloid ”face of X” trope. In this instance you want to ask where the rest of him is.

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