Meanwhile, In Stormont



Former Irish Independent journalist Gemma O’Doherty and former Garda John Wilson with representatives of families seeking justice for their dead relatives in Stormont Castle yesterday

UTV’s news report last night on how a group of families, accompanied by former Irish Independent journalist Gemma O’Doherty and former Garda John Wilson travelled to Stormont Castle yesterday to seek help in their attempts to get justice for deceased relatives.

The families feel gardaí did not carry out proper investigations into their cases.

They made the journey North to meet senior politicians because, despite attempts, they say they couldn’t get a meeting with Taoiseach Enda Kenny.

The group included Lucia O’Farrell, mother of hit-and-run victim Shane O’Farrell, who died in August 2011;  Anne and Eamonn Tuohey, parents of Shane Tuohey, who died in Clara, Co Offaly in 2002; Cyril Goonan, brother of Jim Goonan, who was killed in Birr, Co Offaly in 2002; and Ann Doherty, twin sister of Mary Boyle (6) who went missing in Donegal in 1977. Brian Sheridan, a former Director of Elections for Fine Gael in Laois/Offaly and who has been campaigning for justice for murdered Fr Niall Molloy, also attended.

Sinn Féin have also created a video of the group’s meeting with Martin McGuinness here, which includes an interview with Gemma in which she talked about “a dangerous and close relationship” between certain sections of the media in the Republic of Ireland and the gardaí.

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9 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Stormont

    1. martco

      cue scurrying spin-meister vermin at FG party hq looking for any more dirt, for the love of god we need something, any more dirt atall atall? maybe barrett can do something to save us like close the dail till it all goes awayyyyy

    1. Moan

      These people can afford to go to Belfast but can’t afford decent clothes.
      That anorak with a suit look never gets old… NOT !

  1. Truth in the News

    “What” no banner headlines in the Indo or Dobson leading
    on it 6.01 on this…..all the hallmaks of media estalishment
    under seige…..maybe the creative scribes in the Indo might
    come up with someting by Sunday:

  2. well

    hmmm, im beginning to see a benefit of having two competing governments on one island. They can be played of against one another to the advantage of the people.

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