The Tower Bridge Glass Walkway


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A new perspective for visitors to Tower Bridge in London  – a vertiginous glass walkway suspended 42m (137ft) above the Thames over an 11m x 2m (36-foot by 6-foot) section of the bridge’s West Walkway.

A second walkway will open in December.


21 thoughts on “The Tower Bridge Glass Walkway

    1. The Old Boy

      I think it’s more the “knocking around” that’s the problem. They have a much higher proportion of the spitting, shrieking, take-no-prisoners style of cyclist than Dublin has.

    1. pissedasanewt

      It should annoy you. He’s lying down in the middle of a walkway. Just do the tour, walk the walkway, enjoy it, take it in and buy the postcard of the picture you didn’t take. Its better then your effort would have been anyway.

  1. Lorcan Nagle


  2. JoesephT

    I might go on one of those open top tour buses so i can look up girtls frocks as the bus passes beneath.Maybe take a few auld shnaps for the fota album.

    1. Mick Flavin

      Or you could read some books, take up some interesting hobbies, get yourself in passable physical shape, work on your general demeanour, and maybe a lady of some sort might actually *invite* you to look up her frock…

      1. JoesephT

        Ah! no,shure i’d be to bizy doin caricatures of pointless people to be bothered with any of dat oul sh1te.

  3. Kieran NYC

    Fantastic idea. First I’d heard of it though. Was watching a documentary about the bridges of London (I know, I know) and they didn’t mention this when they came to it.

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