The Report Is In



Fr Niall Molloy (top) and Minister Fitzgerald’s Dail answer

Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald confirming that her department has received the long-awaited report into the 1985 death of Fr Niall Molloy.

More as we get it.

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Campaign for Fr Niall Molloy



“I Just saw your report on McGinn report on my Uncle Fr Niall Molloy’s case. This is a complete surprise to my family. We have sent letters to the Minister asking when the report would be ready and got no reply. Once again we have to rely on the Media for information on our case. It is insulting and only adds to the upset we have suffered for the past 29 years.
It also confirms that The Department of Justice is in dire need of reform starting at the top. Some basic lessons in courtesy, communications, and how to deal with sensitive issues would be a start.”

Bill Maher, nephew of Fr Niall Molloy .

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13 thoughts on “The Report Is In

  1. bisted

    …if this turns out to be anything other than a cover up to protect the ‘reputation’ of the church I’ll make a donation to Bob Geldof.

        1. delacaravanio

          Don’t forget Martin ‘The General’ Cahill. He famously broke into the DPP’s office and stole the files on Molloy. He then used them to blackmail the government by threatening to leak them to the press.

          1. delacaravanio

            I’m sure he won’t be mentioned. The whole thing is already embarrassing enough for the establishment.

  2. Rob Northall

    It appears to be a Cover Up of the “Elite”; Can’t see that coming to the Surface?

    There was Conflicting Evidence! 4 Statement 4 Different Accounts on the Death of Fr. Niall Molloy See

    Yet none of these influentially Connected people where Charged with Perverting the Course of Justice?

    Nor Perjury?

    If it were YOU or ME? We’d be in Prison??

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