‘We Govern For The Centre, For The Reasonable People’



Finance Minister Michael Noonan

Just being trolled at this stage.

“I don’t know, it is very hard to estimate, I mean some people are protesting because they don’t want to pay at all. But we govern for the centre, we govern for the reasonable people, and reasonable people were upset by the way in which this [protests in Tallaght on Saturday] was handled.”

Finance Minister Michael Noonan today.

Thanks for clarifying that.

Noonan: We govern for the reasonable people (BreakingNews.ie)

Earlier: Meanwhile, In Limerick

110 thoughts on “‘We Govern For The Centre, For The Reasonable People’

      1. martco

        ah yes medium sized c….I promise you I shall be very extravagant in my voting pattern come next GE

        Independents all the way!!!

      2. Walter-Ego

        Yes because “we all partied” Medium sized C. Must’ve been some party, i can’t remember it.

        1. gav

          With a European bank loan that the Irish taxpayer will be paying back for the next couple hundred years…

  1. Sam


    …Oh, I’ll define where we are and where the public opinion has shifted to, and anyone beyond that is unreasonable, and the meejah won’t do more than lob softballs at me…

    1. declan

      Are you really dragging Cleisthenes into the IW debacle? At least Noonan governs for and allows women, slaves and people not born of the soil to have a vote? Where do you stand on the need to supply armour and spears for the phalanx to qualify as a citizen?

      1. Sam

        Noonan’s been in politics a while, but I think he got into government after women got the vote.
        We’re not hanging on his grace and favour to cast ballots, thankfully.

      1. RidersOnThe Storm

        I never knew ’till now that άειδε θεά = ya big effin’ bollicks

        maybe I better stop using the Government Easter Rising Commemoration Google Translate

  2. ceo

    He’s dead right. Reasonable people (for or against water charges) don’t behave like some of the cream crackers getting involved in these protests.

  3. Sam

    A lot of reasonable people were unhappy with how this govt and the last sold us out to bail out unsecured speculators, but sitting at home being reasonable didn’t do much for us.
    Getting out in large numbers panicked them about the water charges.

    If they ignore reasonable people, they will encourage unreasonable crowds. They reap what they sow, I have feck all pity for them, especially that low-life… he has no ground to stand on when it comes to morals.

  4. Spaghetti Hoop

    I may not have voted him in but he still has a responsibility to govern the nation’s finances for those ‘off-centre’, and ‘unreasonable’ – his terms, not mine. Cheeky sod.

    1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

      Ah now: the opposite of centre in this context isn’t off centre. It’s left or right.
      Not that that makes him any less of a knobjockey for saying that, though.

      1. cluster

        Well, its not really left or right.

        He’s making an appeal to a (possibly fictional) reasonable mass of Irish citizens, akin to Nixon’s ‘silent majority’.

        So really the opposite to centre in this context is off-centre or unreasonable or whatever.

    1. cluster

      What do you think his role should pay?

      Dunno if I disagree with you or not but it seems to go without question than politicians are overpaid.

  5. Anne

    You govern for your cronies Baldy.

    Was the whole thing staged I wonder? I mean were the people in Jobstown used?
    Saw some of the clips of Joany walking around up there, smirk on her face and people firing water balloons screaming at her, her calm as a breeze.
    Most sensible people would leave where they were not wanted, unless you’re looking for trouble.
    Most elderly women would be scared shitless too, but she’s not your typical vulnerable elderly woman.. Neck like a jockey’s bollocks, that one.

    1. Just sayin'

      You seem disappointed the protests didn’t succeed in terrorising her. That says quite a lot about you Anne, but then judging from some of your previous comments I shouldn’t be surprised.

      Its a pity you can accept that Ireland is a parliamentary representative democracy with elections every five years or so. As our politicians haven’t acted illegally in their governing its really just political differences that is fuelling people’s anger. They’ll get their chance by March 2016. Until then, while people can protest peacefully, this Government has a democratic mandate to govern.

      1. Anne

        My point is Freddy Kruger couldn’t terrorise the woman.

        Also, I think she went up there, to incite a reaction.

        Just read the words in front of you, thanking you.

          1. Anne

            Well I had figured she wasn’t just passing through.

            Who invited her from An Cosan?
            What ties, if any, do they have with her?

            Bad decision in any event.

            They’re trying to use the reaction they got and expected to their advantage.
            Clutching at straws. Pathetic stuff.

  6. Clampers Outside!

    I’m going to need big foam gloves watching the news this evening or I might punch the screen out of the TV.

    Noonie looks, sounds, acts, and soundbites like a caricature ‘fat cat’ and cackling through it all too.

    1. Anne

      Another despicable man isn’t he?
      It’s divide and conquer tricks – You don’t want to be associated with those Jobstown types, who just don’t want to pay at all, at all.

      Except any reasonable person sees them for what they are.
      The biggest entitled shower of scroungers going.

      1. Anne

        ha. Comment out of moderation I see. I did not call that cretin a man.
        Looks much more polite though.
        Fellas – Blue murder, around here.

        1. Will-billy

          Anne a friend of mine once wrote a song in which she referred to the subject of the ditty as “an appendage attached to a dick”. That’s what you were trying to say, isn’t it? :) I bet Karl is the censor ;)

  7. aretheymyfeet

    I think when you see public announcements like this from our Ministers in government you can see why the protests have turned a little bit aggressive. It’s still childs play compared to the Greeks or Belgians though. Pure unadulterated arrogance from the cabinet mouthpieces, it’s like Shatter gave lessons in public speaking before he slithered off. Keep it peaceful everyone, we have these f**kers on the ropes. General election early in the new year!

  8. realPolithicks

    What a load of bollox, these people govern for themselves and the rest of their golden circle buddies. They always have, and they always will if people are foolish enough to vote for them again.

  9. Freia

    They are succeeding at exactly what they’ve set out to do. They have smeared a burgeoning, common sense campaign to end the pain and financial enslavement that’s been meted out to us through the frankly ludicrous concept of us paying back money to already inordinately wealthy finanicers who lost their bets … The smoke and mirrors are working lads, and we seem to be playing right into their hands. The divisional tactics are already starting to conquer. Tricky juncture. And they control the media too, yikes!

    1. martco

      the smoke and mirrors are not working

      just you make sure that you make the effort to get out marching on the 10th & use your vote come the approaching GE and make your voice count

      don’t worry

      just do yourself a large favour & stop listening to radio ballsbridge

    2. gav

      “campaign to end the pain and financial enslavement that’s been meted out to us through the frankly ludicrous concept of us paying back money to already inordinately wealthy finanicers who lost their bets” – lovely summary of “bailout” – like that.

      I love how they actually spun it – and I don’t know how they managed it – to make it like someone paid off our debts, instead of them forcing us to take money to give straight back to them to pay off their OWN debts! (couldn’t transfer money to themselves to do it).

      It was literally a transfer of THEIR MASSIVE DEBT now is OUR MASSIVE DEBT. Houdini couldn’t have done it better!

    3. cluster

      The bailout is sickening but our real problem is the shortfall between what we collect in taxes and what we spend.

      It is also worth bearing in mind, the last time we unilaterally decided that we would no longer pay what felt like a rather unfair debt – the land annuities. Was the Economic War worth it? Overall did it do us good or set us back?

      1. gav

        Is the bailout payments included in “what we spend”? If it wasn’t there would what we spend then be less than the tax taken in? Just thinking all the austerity is because all the normal tax money has been redirected to the bailout payments.

        1. cluster

          The bailout is painful but you are not correct to think that austerity is purely about paying this money back.

          Apparently, we are spending 1.6bn on the bailout annually (about 2.3% of total govt expenditure). This year the deficit is about 7bn and this has been steadily improving- in 2010 this deficit was around 14bn.

  10. Scooperman

    I prefer Mario Rosenstock’s Michael Noonan to real life Michael Noonan. However, hearing real life MN reminds me of Mario’s MN and that cheers me up.

  11. Fergus the magic postman

    Not for long Numnum, not for long, (and your party will never govern again in your lifetime after that, so well done).

  12. Frilly Keane

    This Government is out of control

    That dithering dothering oul fella only mocks others in every question he has ever answered has some nerve all the same.

    Its not all that long age Phil the Hog said they’d kick in doors (septic tank charges) … And Noonan, who failed as a leader btw, has the nerve to tell us they govern for the centre.

    The shit they are expecting us to swallow has ensured there are no reasonable people left.

    If Edna and Joan are that sure of themselves they’d call the election a year early and stop the Shinners and Indos scorching them off the polls.

    1. Medium Sized C

      I’m totally freaked out by your username snafu earlier.
      I don’t know what to think of you anymore……

      1. Alfred E. Neumann

        You can spend a happy half hour figuring out which one is Garrison and which one is Mr Hat.

        But then you start wondering about Anne and Jim Computer and that epson paulson guy. They all have the musty bang of Frilly at various times.

        1. Anne

          Wha’? Me or ‘Nicer Annes’?

          Ah come on, there’s stark raving lunatics and there’s a little bit wired, granted.

          I can’t get no musty bang around here.

          1. Alfred E. Neumann

            Short lines, similar politics, “wha” and the occasional dip into bald incoherence. You have to acknowledge a similarity.

            What with me being at least three other people, and the Mani-Clampers-martco singularity, I think we have to face the possibility that there are only five or six of us here.

          2. Mick Flavin

            I love the idea of BS comment sections having an actual population of five people in various guises.
            On the other hand, there have been four or five of me on the go at various stages…

          3. Anne

            No way I’m as incoherent as that misogynistic poofter.
            Why do so many of them having mammy issues?

            I’d hope I’m not much of an egomaniac either –
            If you were smart, you’d know I only pick the best usernames, like, eva type of egomaniac.

          4. Alfred E. Neumann

            You’re right, Anne. I apologise. Even when I disagree with you I can generally understand what you’re saying.

        2. Frilly Keane

          While you’ve just made Jobstown Jim’s day. If you were half as smart as you think you are you’d know there not usernames I’d by seen squabbling under.

          Plenty lads around the dot. IEs know the names I used on different forums over the last 15 years or so. Any of them as bland as Anne?

        1. Alfred E. Neumann

          Banotti, in a more formal voice. One or two others, I suspect, in various degrees of verboclastic paroxysm.

          1. Frilly Anne Keane Water Molester

            Ah poor poor Al’fraud

            You haven’t done your homework on Banotti

            Your colleague has been working this site for a while.

            Check out all the Banotti posts.

            Then come back with a new handle.

            Cause you’ve been busted

    2. cluster

      What was wrong with sceptic tank inspections or associated charges?

      Anyway, there is little sense freaking out at FG/Lab that they haven’t arrested the decline suffered by all state bodies under decades of FF rule.

  13. Loony Loo

    Can anyone say 1,2,3 no confidence….

    It’s heading that way, and it wouldnt do any harm to have an open and public debate, and for a new government to get a new mandate.

    Before someone gets killed like…

  14. Janet Fitzgerald

    With only a 24% approval rating in the polls, that would mean that only a quarter of Irish people are reasonable. Just sayin.

  15. Geoff

    Thankfully we still have someone competent of the state finances, albeit he is still spending more than we can afford as a country, and we are still borrowing more and more every day.

  16. jeremy kyle

    Mad Eye Noony at it again, seriously he actually looks a bit intimidating in that photo I better go home and fill in the feckin’ form.

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