12 thoughts on “Greatest Broadsheet Clickbait Posts That Never Were (Part 7)

  1. MUlch

    I feel dirty when i say i agree with Mani, put these all together in a ‘charidee’ calendar. It should be mandatory for all BS commentators to buy!

    1. Soundings

      I hear he’s personally going around every single reservoir in the country at night, tipping in truckloads of crypto sporidium and e-coli crap, just so Enda can claim the water system is falling to pieces.

      1. Alfred E. Neumann

        I found him in my bathroom last night, hammering at the cistern with a bradawl and a mallet. When I challenged him he called me a “fringe element” and fled through the window.

  2. Disgruntled Goat

    Bravo Mick, I hope you’re being suitably compensated for producing such amazing stuff. Might I suggest, Michael Noonan dressed as Santa handing out bottles of Ballygowan?

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