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Judge James O’Connor

When asked by Judge James O’Connor if she was pleading guilty or not guilty, Mary Bridget Sheehan, of Raheen, Caherciveen said she was pleading guilty.

Looks bad.

…He asked the Garda how he knew it was a phone, and said he passed a man driving the other day holding to his ear what could have been a small alarm clock.

Very good point.

… [He] said the charge of holding a mobile phone could have serious implications for the woman’s motor insurance, and struck out the case.


Kerry judge strikes out case of woman who pleaded guilty to holding a phone while driving (Radio Kerry)

Thanks Jerry O’Sullivan

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37 thoughts on “Judgement Of The Day

      1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

        He does, but Glinner’s face is much wonkier. Glinner’s brain is far less wonky, though.

      1. Owen

        And ten toes (I assume), but driving barefoot is illegal so you’d get a hefty fine for doing it, and your insurance would go up.

        1. edalicious

          Driving barefoot isn’t illegal. As someone who wears flip flops as often as possible, I’ve done some research on the subject.

      2. benny

        Bit of an advantage compared to the rest of us, with eight.

        Anyways, you can count to 1023 using your fingers and thumbs, and over a million using your toes as well (assuming good good dexterity), so I’m not sure what your point is? Maybe that he should be counting every driver in Dublin, not just the bad ones?

  1. John E. Bravo

    I like this in a way though: the judge is letting someone off because they were sound and owned up. “Jesus, you’ll never get far being honest – let me do you a favour”.

    It’s dumb for a judge to do it, but just people being sound is nice, d’you know?

  2. Declan

    He’s got form:


    “District Court Judge James O’Connor was both judge and defendant in his own court in the town of Cahirsiveen.

    He was charged with failing to display a valid roadworthy certificate on his vehicle.

    He had received a summonses from police to appear in his own court.

    The judge was named as James O’Connor of Coolroe, Glenbeigh, Co Kerry, and was accused of committing the offence, which was contrary to Section 18 of the Road Traffic Act, at Newmarket Street, Cahersiveen, on July 21 last.”

  3. Declan

    Steam off your piss?


    An Irish judge has thrown out two separate drink-driving cases because of the danger the defendants inhaled alcohol from their own urine while in garda custody.

    ..Judge O’Connor agreed. He stated that the purpose of the 20-minute observation period is to ensure nothing is taken by mouth that may affect the reading from the breath test.

    “Nil by mouth is the same as nil by nose,” Judge O’Connor declared. “When he is urinating, he is inhaling vapourised alcohol and there’s always steam off it.”

  4. Frilly Anne Keane Water Molester

    I appeared and pleaded guilty to a motoring offense
    And after a few this and that’s back and forth

    He struck it out

  5. delacaravanio

    The point, M’lud, isn’t that it’s a phone, rather it’s that the person driving is distracted.

    Whether they were holding a phone, a piece of the true cross, a lump of coal, or Kerry’s Eye up to their ear is irrelevant; they’re not doing what they should be doing: focusing on the road.

    I sincerely hope that noone in this judge’s family is injured or killed by a distracted driver.

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