Travellin’ Pon De Ryan Air


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Worldwide Traveller (2013) by London based junglists Chopstick Dubplate (Feat Top Cat & Mr Williamz)

The woes of flying Ryan Air, to wit:

A rush me a rush jus’ fe reach a de gate, have fe catch de plane, Jah Jah know me can’t late, before we do de show, we do some dubplate, an when me a return me due fe have extra weight, an’ wid EasyJet you know dat is great, as long as you case can fit inna de crate, wid Ryanair is pure long debate…

(pic: junglist network)

(H/T: Oilbhe Madden)

9 thoughts on “Travellin’ Pon De Ryan Air

  1. Nawfil Musty Bang A Frilly

    Bit of a musty bang there Alfred wha?

    Not bad.. My fav junglists reside in Glasgow though – Mungo’s Hi fi.

      1. Nawfil Musty Bang A Frilly


        Hmmm, 2007 –
        And it’s Ragga Jungle to be precise.

        Granted, their sounds are typically more reggae, or ‘forward thinking reggae’ as they describe themselves.
        I prefer their stuff that’s more bass oriented/acid house influenced myself.
        ‘Dubplate Fi dem’, sorta vibe.

        “Now” p*ss off would ya?

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