Defiant New Hotel




One of the patriotic bedrooms in the new 52-room boutique Dean Hotel, Harcourt Street, Dublin.

A mere stagger from Copper Face Jack’s.

We’re back baby.

First Look: The Dean Hotel, Dublin (Pól O’Chongaile,

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24 thoughts on “Defiant New Hotel

  1. Jordofthejungle

    A rip-off, in more ways than one, of the Hoxton Hotel in London. The aesthetic has finally arrived in Dublin.

    1. dhaughton99

      According to the fluffy piece in the Indo,

      “Between The Hoxton in Shoreditch and Kelly’s Hotel on South Great George’s Street, although The Dean has enough confidence, standout features and design flair to forge its own identity in the months ahead”.

    1. Jordofthejungle

      Jobs perhaps but utterly unoriginal and soon to become a ubiquitous concept. The absolute adherence to every aspect of the Hoxton Hotel idea in London is quite rigorous. The usual perceived commodified coolness pioneered in larger capitals has finally and inevitably tricked down to Dublin.

      1. Fe Dlowered

        Leveraging and learning from the success of others when they should in fact be redesigning the wheel in order to be original. Please.

        1. Jordofthejungle

          Leveraging? Check you out! I’ve no doubt this will be as successful a venture as the Hoxton which is expanding into other capitals such as New York and Paris but my point is merely about the lack of something indigenous and original in the service sector in Dublin and other smaller capitals which have taken on the mantle of Johnny-come-lately mimicry to quite a depressing extent.

          1. Alison

            It’s not about reinventing the wheel but it’s also not about regurgitating a carbon-copy of so-called success stories from our “betters”. I feel Dublin depserately needs to have something of its own, outside of pubs and the recent invasion of “pulled pork” eateries of which the Dean Hotel is somewhat of a spin off. Jord is right in a way, a lot of those tourists who would consider staying in the Dean will have probably seen the concept before. Dublin should look to Copenhagen and Helsinki and their ability to shape a city that offers, as well as the usual trends, something different and apart, using their reputation in design as a catalyst, to create a name which has brand captial.

      1. DD

        It’s sandwiched in between two of the latest opening, noisiest, shittiest clubs in town. Sound proof the windows all you want-this will be an issue. Imagine the civilised foreigners returning from a nice meal at 1am on and trying to pass the cattle at the door of their hotel?

  2. Suzanne Dublin

    The hotel looks lovely… Pity they employed craftsmen from Northern Ireland instead of keeping the jobs local. I’ll let others draw comparisons with Bono’s tax affairs…

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