17 thoughts on “No Cat Swingers

  1. pissedasanewt

    The ad doesn’t mention herb garden in the toilet. I think if I rented it i’d move into the hall… that might give the landlord ideas. Semi private apartment.. extra long, tiled floor. Lots of natural light.

  2. Ralf Higgins

    I find it gob-smacking that landlords are getting away with (legally) rent a glorified prison cell like this for € 800 a month, before bills. They should be lucky to get €400 a month for this.

  3. Bingo

    That’s crap, isn’t it?
    I reckon I could live there but only on weekdays/nights.
    You’d top yerself on some rainy Sunday evening if you had no cash to go out (and you wouldn’t cos of the €800 rent).

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