Anne Now The End Is Here



Denis: “Mwahahahahahahah.”

(Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland)

38 thoughts on “Anne Now The End Is Here

  1. gallantman

    A simple formula. A picture of Nadia Forte in a bikini, the weekly musings of Barry Egan , Brendan O Connor and Eoghan Harris combined with updates on the love lives of John Delaney and Gerald Keane. Win!

  2. Soundings

    If you were to believe the exhausted coverage in the Phoenix for the past 18 months, you might have had the impression the editor was at war with the proprietor (or 30% shareholder) and that she was angling for a substantial termination payment. All seems to have been a damp squib, Anne’s contract comes to a natural end and the Sindo recruits a new editor. No drama, no pistols at dawn, no pay-off to speak of.

  3. Walter Ego

    *Must be willing to be flexible and informed.
    (Be able to bend over and print what Denis The Menace, tells you).

    1. Mayor Quimby

      The Sunday Independent is noteworthy for the numerous familial ties within the publication.

      Anne Harris, is now editor of the Sunday Independent, her daughter Constance Harris writes for the newspaper as a fashion writer. Anne Harris is the former wife of Eoghan Harris who is an opinion columnist for the newspaper and she was the partner of the previous Sunday Independent editor, the late Aengus Fanning whose son Dion Fanning also writes for the newspaper as a sports writer covering soccer. Another of Fanning’s sons, Evan also writes for the newspaper while his nephew, Brendan Fanning is rugby correspondent.

      Shane Ross is a former Business Editor of the Sunday Independent, he was succeeded by his son-in-law Nick Webb. Ironically, Ross was a frequent critic of nepotism, cronyism and under-performance in Irish companies, particularly the Smurfit family’s influence[37] within the Smurfit Group despite the family status as minority shareholders.[38]

      Despite being a publicly listed company, the parent company Independent News and Media employed as its CEO Gavin O’Reilly whose father was the largest shareholder and Chairman Tony O’Reilly. Gavin O’Reilly was ousted as CEO after INM’s share price collapsed and Denis O’Brien became the largest shareholder.

      1. Lilly

        Anne Harris’ sister Mary O’Sullivan also writes for them. Sarah Caden – Brendan O ‘Connor’s wife – has a father working there, unless he has retired by now. And on it goes. The Irish Times is worse for the familial connections, and as for RTE…

      1. Lilly

        Dats wot I sed, Ballsy/Brennie ‘all the ballsy guys are buying property’ right before it went ballsy up. He certainly fulfills the lickarse requirement on the job spec, will anyone ever forget his paean to Anne’s derrière.

  4. Truth in the News

    A time has come to organise a national boycott of the rags that emmamate
    from the Indepenent “Rag House”, they have been kept going by
    a bale out too, which the Irish Taxpayer ends up meeting the bill.
    The have no credility, they are a collection of over paid ranting scribes
    subsidised by the Irish Taxpayer, they are the real “Disgrace”

  5. Quint

    Commendable for its persistent anti-Sinn Fein/IRA stance but otherwise a very odd newspaper, a weird mix of celebrity tittle-tattle and politics with an obligatory Gerald Kean story every Sunday.

    1. cluster

      Hmmm…I’m no fan of the Shinners but they apply the same rigorous standards of fairness and logic to that topic as they do all others – ie not very much

  6. GiGi

    Could you imagine if upper management opened up the whole paper to other journalists to interview for the current positions. It’s the only fair way to clean out all the nepotism. Also Anne allegedly groomed an army of little underlings. I think they need to be done with it and open up the whole paper to new contracts. It would improve the quality. By the way I’d say Brendan O Connor might land this role.

  7. Anne


    Any chance of a ‘sequence of events’ on Denis O’Brien, including the relationship with some of his employees?
    I don’t really know all the details of what went on with Anne here.
    Would be greatly appreciated.

    1. ahyeah

      I think that was all laid out quite clear in the now-deleted handjob comment of above. Galling to know that the truth was there, within reach…but it’s gone.

      1. Anne

        Just looking up stuff there on Gemma O’Doherty.

        The sad truth is that few will be aware of the case of Miss O’ Doherty given the practically non exposure she has received in Ireland. Besides a small piece in a recent edition of Phoenix magazine, it has taken the English Guardian to shed any public light on the scandalous termination of her employment with the Irish independent – Jacob Richards, United Left Alliance

        Tricky enough finding much info from mainstream media..

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