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  1. Mister Mister

    Like all of these ‘polls’, results are always skewed by people clambering to say no, and will have had a bit of organisation behind the vote, like the bould Joe Duffys one during the week,

          1. pedeyw

            It’s been interesting watching Sinn Féin side with Paul Murphy. They’ll turn on him as soon as they see it as politically advantageous, he stole their seat.

  2. Keith

    Non-scientific internet poll shocker!
    I think the margin of error for this poll would be around the +/- 95% mark.
    You might as well of reported the outrage from this week’s Liveline.

      1. Keith

        You did. In my defense, I spotted that after I posted. There is no way for you to know that of course, so I remain wrong in the eyes of the interweb.

        1. pedeyw

          Nice to see someone admitting they were incorrect on the internet. Doesn’t happen often, I don’t know why. “I lacked that information and have now adjusted my opinion based on it” is apparently somehow losing.

  3. dhaughton99

    What kind of bull hickey is that. Doesn’t even show the vote count. Indo trolling the plebs if you ask me.

    1. Unreconstructed

      I think you’ll find that the majority didn’t. Labour voters certainly didn’t but there is Labour pushing the charges anyway. Democracy, you know…it doesn’t survive the programme for government negotiations to form a coalition.

      1. Jock

        FF and FG had provisions for water charges in their manifestos and they had a clear majority.

        “but that’s before we knew about Irish Water, blah blah Dennis O’brien ‘
        How can you judge an organisation that hasn’t even started billing people.

        1. jungleman

          Personally I have a good feeling about Irish Water. I think I’m going to like them as an organisation.

          1. Original Cynic

            It will achieve charitable status and pay its executives even higher salaries, bonuses and expenses!

    2. Bonzor

      A cynic might say that people should thoroughly examine party manifestos in advance of the next election!

      And I’m sorry, but do people really not realise that Sinn Féin are shipping the exact same unrealistic guff that Labour fed us in 2011? Are people really going to be taken for a ride twice?!

          1. Dissident Citizen Frilly!

            The technical groups will be well able to organise themselves into a workable balanced co-op with the Shinners.

            I think. I hope.
            Oh Jesus.
            There are enough non party professional politicians there to lead

          2. Dubloony

            Independents need closer scrutiny – are they Marxists, christian fundamentalists, FG independent, FF independent, rich boy student politicos?

            Would be great if we had a site that did a direct comparison of manifesto for all groups running for election, strip away the noise & personalities.

        1. Keith

          Ok, but lets develop this line of thought. But how would you see things playing out once your party of independents gains a majority in the Dail, manages to negotiate a program for government, and starts their term?

          Btw, you can ignore this post if you are a troll.

          1. Mister Mister

            I seriously don’t think they could agree on a program, they’re too politically diverse.

            And when they see what they actually have to do in terms of taxes, cuts etc to keep the country running, they’ll reach a stalemate. Reason being is that they’ll all want the other to make the hard decision first so they don’t appear to be rowing back on their populist policies that got them elected in the first place.

            Basically it would be a waste of money requiring another election within a month or two if they did form one first, think later.

          2. Drogg

            Keith I am not a troll I comment on here quite a bit. I see the dail of independents having to Change our system a bit firstly the Taoiseach would have to be a voted for position like enda Kenny is from a small constituency and got a relatively small amount of votes compared to how many people are in this country yet he is our leader, it boggles the mind. Then through diplomatic negotiations they put the best qualified people into government roles like minister for finance should be someone with experience and skills in the financial areas. But of course this would be all after creating a technical grouping of politicians willing to work together for the greater good of the country but will not be tied together by a whip system.

          3. Mister Mister

            So you want a general election. Then after the election, when the make up of the government is known, another election to vote for Taoiseach ?

            Or do you want both ran simultaneously so there’s the possibility of the Taoiseach being from the opposition ?

          4. Drogg

            In the future both would be ran simultaneously but for the first instance it would be need two elections.

    1. Godwin's Law Police

      The context is someone in government comparing the out of control scary water protestors to ISIS in an interview. Which was a strange thing to say. But part of the demonising and name calling which has happened in particular over the last week, even as the government has retreated from every entrenched position that they had previously claimed was inflexible. The last time we saw a government so thoroughly in disarray was when Brian Cowen was being accused of drunk interviews – can an election be far behind?

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