Six-Inch Or Foot-Long?


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Limerick Leader reports:

Controversy continues over the Government’s JobBridge scheme, as a Subway outlet in Limerick city has advertised two positions seeking “sandwich artists”.

The O’Connell Street outlet is seeking two people to master the ‘art’ of sandwich making for 30 hours a week. Those hired will received an extra €50 per week under the scheme, on top of their existing social welfare payment.

The position is for nine months, and the advert highlights that a mentor will be assigned to the successful applicant.

Subway in Limerick seeking ‘sandwich artists’ under JobBridge (Limerick Leader)

H/T: Squid Limerick

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14 thoughts on “Six-Inch Or Foot-Long?

  1. mauriac

    straight out of fast food nation : government subsidizes mcjobs,fast food proliferates,obesity skyrockets…

    1. delacaravanio

      It’s much worse than that. The fact that immigrants and worse off people can’t get jobs due to having to compete with people who are, for all intents and purposes, slaves, willing to work for no pay doesn’t happen in the US. For the desperate trying to get any job schemes like this only drive them on to welfare.

  2. Sidewinder

    There should be either a financial penalty for people caught doing this multiple times or a screening system for the internships advertised.

    This is just the government giving a profit grant to major franchises.
    “Here’s some money so you can make some money! You don’t have to give us any mind! No, no, you keep it! Really!”

    1. delacaravanio

      It should be pre-vetted, of course. Allowing any old job to be advertised just leads to more of this junk.

  3. Anne

    Con artists. Jiggery-pokery with the unemployment figures, at everyone’s expense bar the companies availing of the scam.

  4. smoothlikemurphys

    Worth mentioning that Subway has always called it’s employees ‘Sandwich Artists’. Even though this is still taking advantage of the scheme, the Limerick Leader headline is attempting to make it look like Subway is calling these placements by that name in order to make them seem more than they are for the purposes of Job Bridge.

  5. Evenprime

    I stopped buying their sandwiches when I heard about their job bridge scam the first time. The only way to stop shysters is by boycotting them

  6. spork

    subway is awesome (BLT) if you ask me. plus, going to work, meeting folk, learning proper kitchen hygiene, getting an extra €50 in your pocket, not sitting at home all day watching deal or no deal – what’s the problem????

    sorry it’s not the boardroom position you were expecting sir.

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